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Experience the Magic of Professional Photo Retouching

Retouching images is crucial for any photographer’s workflow. Although professional photo retouching may be a time-consuming task, in Luminar Neo it’s easy and fast to achieve great results. Remove unwanted elements and make your photos look their best

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How to Use Image Retouching?

Picture retouching is a post-processing technique used to enhance and improve photographs by making subtle adjustments and corrections. But it’s also an art form, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach! Experiment with different techniques and settings to find the style that best suits your vision for the photo.

Additionally, always strive for a natural and balanced result, avoiding excessive retouching that may lead to unrealistic or overly edited-looking images.
© Cuma Cevik

What are the Benefits of Retouching Photos?

Enhance details

Bring out the best in your photo by adjusting light, contrast, brightness, and other settings.

Erase imperfections

Remove skin imperfections or get rid of power lines and tourists.

Make compositions from multiple images

Blend two or more images to make a creative double exposure or add controlled texture.
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Embrace Your Artistic Side with a Photo Retoucher

Luminar Neo has plenty of tools that allow you not only to photo retouch, but also to get creative. Experiment with Layers and Overlays. Layers let you combine multiple images and edit them independently, blending when needed.

With Overlays, you can add interesting Textures and enhance your photo further. Let your creativity flow!
© Zoonar

Master Advanced Techniques

Clone tool

The Clone tool allows you to retouch photos by replacing unwanted or damaged pixels with other pixels of your choice. It basically copies and pastes one part of a photo into another.

Erase tool

The Erase tool also removes unwanted elements from your images. However, the Erase tool does it by considering the texture, illumination, and shadows surrounding the pixels you’re erasing and blending those pixels to match their surroundings.

Face AI and Skin AI 

Easily retouch portraits with sliders. The content-aware AI will detect face features and retouch them with a slide. You can then apply further adjustments, fine-tuning your result.

Explore Other Features

Luminar is designed to be convenient for people with different proficiency levels. The software’s intuitive AI-powered controls automate complicated multistep tasks.
Black & White
© Moha El-Jaw
Black & White
Converting color photos to black and white is simple
RAW Converter
© Cuma Cevik
RAW Converter
Convert your RAW images into stunning, high-quality photographs
© Ksusha Kazak
Skin AI
Skin for flawless skin without imperfections
© Sherwin Magsino
Composition AI
Composition for perfect crops and perspective
© Jabi Sanz
Accent AI
Accent  for a one-slider fix of light, contrast, and colors
© Cuma Cevik
Sky AI
Sky for the effortless sky replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with old damaged photos?

It’s up to you. You can digitize and preserve them, restore old damaged photos with editing software like Luminar Neo, create a photo album or collage, or even use them for crafts or art projects! 

How to fix faded photos?

Use any photo restorer like Luminar Neo or other software that provides tools with various adjustments that can help restore faded colors. For example, adjust levels and curves, do color correction, enhance saturation and vibrancy, and do other targeted adjustments that depend on your photo’s content and condition. 

What tools will help make old photos look new?

It all depends on the conditions and the damage of your old photos. Some photos are simply faded and need some color enhancements, some are damaged—torn, or dirtied with ink. You can use a wide range of tools and features for repairing, restoring, and enhancing old photos, like brush, erase, clone and stamp, levels adjustment, curves adjustment, and color correction to improve the overall quality and appearance of old photos.

How to restore old photos with Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is a great editing software that can help you edit photos faster and easier, and also restore old photos. It has such tools as Enhance AI, Clone, Erase, Denoise, Exposure, Tone, Clarity, and others that you can use to make your photos look as good as new.

How does AI allows you to restore photos with defects?

Luminar Neo’s powerful AI tools can easily help your old photo enhancement. For example, Enhance AI is a tool that instantly analyzes your photo and applies up to a dozen adjustments in a click. Also, Luminar Neo has powerful Extensions like Noiseless AI and Supersharp AI that can easily help you deliver noise-free and sharp photos of the highest quality.
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