Make Your Own Art With A Transparent Background

Removing the background allows you to isolate the main subject in a photo. It’s the first step to creating some amazing digital art

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How To Transform Images With Transparent Backgrounds?

Make a transparent background in Luminar Neo with the power of AI in just a few clicks. After that, your imagination is the limit!

Why Our Transparent Background Photo Editor Is A Must-Have?

To isolate a subject from the background in most traditional photo editors, you’d have to use masking tools. Luminar Neo’s Background Removal AI Extension detects the subject of your photo automatically, masking it in no time and giving you a transparent background to work with.

Cut down the routine and get to the creative part at once!
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© Depositphotos

Get A Transparent Background To Boost Your Image’s Visual Appeal

How can you enhance your photos with a transparent image maker?


A transparent background enables you to place the subject on different backgrounds. Play with different backgrounds, colors, and effects.


A transparent background allows you to layer multiple elements, making it easier to manage and manipulate individual components of a design. 


When creating photomontages or composite images, transparent backgrounds are essential for seamlessly blending multiple elements together.

Effortlessly Convert A Background To A Transparent Image

Use Luminar Neo’s Background Removal AI Extension or the designated tool for portraits, the Portrait Background Removal AI tool to get rid of the background in just a few clicks

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Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the background of a picture transparent with Luminar Neo?

If you’re looking for a transparent background generator, use the Background Removal AI Extension which will help you easily remove the background.

Can I reverse a transparent photo maker effect?

Luminar Neo has an Undo feature that can help you reverse an effect easily, including a transparent background converter effect.

What image formats support transparent backgrounds?

Several image formats support transparent backgrounds. The most common formats that allow for transparency include PNG, GIF, TIFF, and SVG.

How do I make a logo transparent?

Simply remove the background of the logo with the Background Removal AI Extension. Plus, Luminar Neo has a Layers feature that lets you play with different images and create composites.