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Introducing a whole new photo editing experience

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Luminar for iPad: Transform Your Photos with iPad Photo Editor

Discover powerful tools with a streamlined and interactive interface that enable you to enhance your photos anytime, anywhere.

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An intuitive interface for seamless workflow

Take a sneak peek at our iPad photo editor

Luminar for iPad: Transform Your Photos with iPad Photo Editor(2)

High-level editing anytime, anywhere

Enjoy our innovative interface with sound effects

Snap photos, edit and share

Unlock a new way to interact with the Apple Pencil

Luminar for iPad: Transform Your Photos with iPad Photo Editor(2)

AI features

Smart photo enhancements, powered by AI

Sky AI

Seamlessly replace a plain sky with a magnificent one

Enhance AI

Adjust up to a dozen controls with one slide

Structure AI

Unlock details and clarity, increasing the contrast

Relight AI

Get full control over exposure and light sources


All your editing needs
within one powerful app

Explore your new photo editing iPad capabilities


Explore a collection
of unique effects and styles

Develop tool

Adjust the color and tone of your photos
with the most essential controls


Convert a colored photo to black and white


Effortlessly remove imperfections


Enhance golden hour light,
brighten foliage or apply dehaze


Easily trim, align, flip and rotate images
for a desired composition


Brighten, darken, add contrast or shift colors


Create dramatic photos
with crystal-clear sharpness

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Professional-quality results in a snap

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innovations for you

Vision Pro support
for your creative journey

Use it with your new Vision Pro to make your
photo editing even more immersive

Luminar for iPad: Transform Your Photos with iPad Photo Editor(4)


App requirements

OS version: 17 and newer. Note that owners of older devices may encounter feature limitations.

What kind of features does the iPad photo editor have?

Currently, Luminar Mobile has features for adjusting color and tone, applying unique and fast Filter effects, erasing and cropping, using curves, converting to black and white, and enhancing landscapes. Plus, it has an array of powerful AI-based features for enhancing photos in one click, replacing skies, unlocking details, and relighting a photo with content-aware technology. There’s more to come!

Is Luminar Mobile beginner-friendly?

Of course! Our iPad photo app is easy to use and delivers professional-level results, making it perfect for beginners.

What file formats does the iPad app support?

The Luminar Mobile photo editing app supports all the files that are natively supported by iPadOS and can be viewed in Apple Photos. Check this list of supported cameras by Apple Photos.

What are the pricing plans offered?

The current iPad image editor pricing plans include subscriptions for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

Where can I find the user guide for the iPad app?

Here you’ll find the user guide for Luminar Mobile.

Are there any restrictions on the size of files I can edit?

RAM acts as a temporary workspace for your device, and having more RAM allows you to handle larger and more complex images without encountering performance issues. Check your supported RAM capacities here.