Luminar Neo vs Topaz Photo AI: What to Choose?

Are you searching for an AI-powered photo editor that suits your specific needs? With a wide range of choices in today’s market, the question of Luminar vs Topaz can be challenging. Both photo editors are robust, each addressing the distinct needs of photographers. 

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While Topaz Photo AI has made its mark with its photo quality enhancement capabilities, let’s delve into what Luminar Neo has to offer:

Newbie-Friendly Editing

Luminar Neo combines advanced AI-based features with a vast range of basic tools for image enhancement. And its intuitive interface ensures that even photography beginners can use these capabilities to the fullest. That means you can not only improve the quality of your images as in Topaz Photo AI but also perform professional-level retouching with less effort.

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Enhanced Creative Possibilities

Both Topaz Photo AI and Luminar Neo are known for their AI-driven photo editing tools, but Luminar Neo distinguishes itself with a more extensive array of AI features. It goes beyond mere photo quality enhancement, offering a variety of AI tools, such as Sky Replacement or Image Extender, to unlock new creative possibilities.

All-in-All Photo Software

Luminar Neo is a one-stop photo editing solution. There is no need for other apps—you can find everything you want here, from essential editing tools to advanced AI-driven features. Moreover, with its rich collection of easy-to-use presets and LUTs, you can fully unleash your creativity and perform professional edits effortlessly.

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Luminar Neo vs Topaz Photo AI: Which photo editor suits your needs more?

FeaturesAffinity PhotoLuminar Neo

Generative AI


GenErase, GenSwap, GenExpand

Editing Capabilities

Advanced photo editing with layer support, RAW editing, retouching, and compositing.

AI-powered editing, RAW editing, batch processing, layer support, advanced color grading, sky replacement, portrait enhancement.

Workflow Integration

Seamless integration with other Affinity products. PSD file compatibility.

Work as a plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Photos for macOS Extension. Supports importing and exporting various file formats. PSD file compatibility.

AI and Automation

Limited AI features for tasks like object removal and selection refinement.

Extensive AI capabilities, including AI masking, sky enhancement, and facial retouching.

Non-Destructive Editing

Non-destructive adjustments with history panel.

Non-destructive adjustments with history panel.

Brush and Selection Tools

Comprehensive set of brushes and selection tools for precise editing.

Advanced brush and masking tools, including AI-driven selection enhancements.

Filters and Effects

Wide range of filters and effects for creative photo manipulation.

AI filters for quick enhancements, creative effects, and specialized adjustments.

User Interface

Interface is similar to Adobe Photoshop.

User-friendly interface with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Price Model

One-time purchase.

Various pricing plans, including one-time purchase and subscription with regular updates.

Community and Support

Active user forums, tutorials, and customer support.

Community support, tutorials, and responsive customer service.

Luminar Neo

Topaz Photo AI

Functioning Complexities

All-in-one AI-based photo editor for creating, editing, storing, and organizing photos.
AI-based photo editor focused on improving photo quality.

Destructive/Non-destructive editor

Non-destructive adjustments with a history panel.
Non-destructive adjustments with a history panel.

Complexity of Interface

User-friendly interface, simplicity, and ease of use.
User-friendly interface with a small, clear selection of tools.

Workflow Integration

Plugin compatibility with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos for macOS. Supports various formats.
Works as an Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom plugin, partners with major hardware manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. Supports various formats.

Layers Feature

Advanced layer capabilities.
Not available yet.

AI and Automation

Various AI tools, including sky replacement, facial retouching, and masking.
AI tools for image quality improvement, like relighting, one-click enhancement, and noise removal.

Generative AI

GenErase, GenSwap, GenExpand.
Generative object removal.

Filters and Effects

Presets and LUTs support.
Not available yet.

Price Model

One-time purchase or subscription with updates.
One-time purchase with access to updates.

Community and Support

Active forums, tutorials, and customer support.
Community support, tutorials, and customer service.
An application & plugin for macOS & Windows

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Want to get all the benefits of Luminar Neo but have an established Lightroom workflow? Great news! You can use all the power of Luminar Neo within a plugin for Lightroom without changing up your usual post-production process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What software is better for improving photo quality: Luminar Neo or Topaz Photo AI?

Both Luminar Neo and Topaz Photo AI offer effective AI-based tools for enhancing photo quality. These include one-click photo enhancement, noise removal, and resolution enhancement. Additionally, Topaz Photo AI offers the unique feature of restoring faces in blurry photos. 

Along with this, Luminar Neo provides a wide range of other basic photo editing tools, both AI-driven and standard. Among them are sky replacement, portrait retouching, and background manipulation. These tools not only improve the image quality but also enhance the overall appearance, allowing for personal creative input.

Only you can decide which tool is best for you, tho. We recommend you try the free period offered by both software or check out the photographer's reviews online.

Topaz vs Luminar Neo: which is faster?

When you compare any editing software for speed, it really depends on the hardware you’re running it on and the formats of images you edit. It's a good idea to try both programs on your usual computer to see which one works faster for you.

How do the pricing plans for Topaz Labs vs Luminar Neo compare?

Luminar Neo offers a choice between a one-time purchase for a lifetime license and a subscription model. Topaz Labs, in contrast, typically offers products for individual purchase with occasional paid upgrades. That's why it's important to build on what works best for you.

Is Luminar Neo better than Topaz Photo AI?

It all depends on what you need. Think about your skills—are you a beginner or a pro? Also, consider what kind of photo editing you prefer. You can try Luminar Neo for free and see if it fits what you're looking for before you buy it. Topaz Labs vs Luminar Neo – the choice is yours.