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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the latest version of Luminar comes with the most powerful, single slider editing tool currently available on the market: Accent. Found in the “Quick & Awesome” workspace of Luminar Neptune, Accent uses powerful artificial intelligence to assess all the commonly edited aspects of an image. It then syncs up with the filters on Luminar to instantly enhance your image like a pro — in mere seconds.

The Quick & Awesome

Accent can be found in Neptune’s new “Quick & Awesome” workspace, which can be found in the drop down menu in the filter area on the right. (You can also find it in the filters drop down menu).

Once you select it you’ll find the Accent joined by a saturation/vibrance filter and a clarity filter, both of which work seamless with Accent to give you the best photo in the quickest amount of time possible.

How to Use Accent

Accent will automatically access and correct all of your photo’s global adjustments (color balance, exposure, structure, etc.). For best results, use it after you’ve cropped and/or straightened your photo, but before you apply any local corrections or special effects. Start with the slider at about 60% and then use Luminar’s before-after slider in the top tool bar to compare the before and after.

From there you can adjust either up or down to dial in the look you’re going for. You can, of course, use the saturation/vibrance filter and clarity slider for any final tweaks, but Accent is so good, you might just find that there’s nothing more to do. If you need spot correction or you’re planning on using special effect filters, however, do those after. Also, save the sharpening for last. It should be done only after your other changes have been finalized.

Your New “Go-to” Workspace

Accent and the “Quick & Awesome” workspace were designed to be both fun and fast, transforming even the most ordinary of photos into images that shine in the blink of an eye. You can use them for “quick and awesome” adjustments to just about any photo you take, but they’re especially useful when you’re unsure of what edits to make or you’re on the go and simply don’t have time for editing. Either way, after a little experimentation the “Quick & Awesome” workspace is sure to find your new “go-to” workspace.

Note: If you can’t find the “Quick & Awesome” in your workspace drop down menu, check what version of Luminar you’re using. If you’re using an older version (Pluto or before), you’ll need to update to Luminar Neptune or later.

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Luminar is the powerful photo software that makes it easy to resize your images. You’ll change size of a picture in less than a minute without losing the quality.

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