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Add Film Grain to Your Photo

Improve your photo with film grain that adds a unique and aesthetically pleasing effect to the image. Originally film grain was considered an imperfection in traditional film photography, but now a grainy film effect has become a sought-after feature. Want to try it on your photos?

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How Can You Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Photos With A Film Grain Filter?

It’s easy to do in Luminar Neo! Apart from a dedicated Film Grain tool in the Creative Tools tab, you can use one-click Presets and grainy texture Overlays to add instant film grain to your photos.

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating Grain Photo Effects Into Photographs?

A vintage grain filter can help create a nostalgic feel, or add more texture to a photo. In certain situations, adding film grain can help soften digital images that may appear too sharp or clinical due to modern high-resolution sensors.

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Make a mountain view better
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Explore Your Creativity By Adding Film Grain Filters

For photographers who wish to create a more artistic or unique style, a film filter with grain can be used creatively to enhance their vision and add a distinctive signature to their work.

Try it on black and white photos!
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Applying Film Grain Effects In Post-Processing

Film Grain Tool

The Film Grain tool in the Creative Tools Tab emulates the structure of analog film stock by introducing random, stylized grain to your image. Keep in mind that grain and noise are different things. Add film grain to give your color or black-and-white photos a simple analog feel.

Analog Film Presets

Luminar Neo has dozens of built-in Presets collections that can help you easily add grain and other stylistic elements to your photo.

Luminar Marketplace

You can also explore the Luminar Marketplace to find Presets created by Team Skylum and top professionals. You’ll certainly discover incredible solutions with film emulation, artistic grain effects, and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add grain to a photo?

To make a photo grainy, you can use the easy Film Grain tool in Luminar Neo. It’s super simple! Another option is to apply one-click Presets and Overlays that contain grain.

How to remove grain filter from photo?

Once you’ve added a grain effect, you can undo your adjustments in the Edits tab. If you want to remove grain that was originally present on a photo, you can use the Noiseless AI Extension in Luminar Neo that tackles unwanted noise.
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