How to Reduce the Size of a Picture

January 01

5 min. to read

It's important to maintain the rational size of all your image files if you want to have free space.

How to Reduce the Size of a Picture Image1

At times, you have no option but to reduce the size of an image. While big photos generally mean ‘high quality’ sometimes, the size of a picture has nothing to do with the quality, and you can easily bring down the size without having to compromise on the quality of a photo.

There are many reasons why you may need to reduce a file’s size. Here are some reasons:

  • You are running out of disk space, and you need more empty space. You can easily reduce the size of an image and free up space.
  • You want to upload a photo as an attachment (email or otherwise) but the file size is too big to attach. A reduced file size would allow you to upload the file easily and quickly.
  • You want to upload the image to your website, but the big size is not only taking up space but also causing the website to load slowly.

All these situations require the size to be reduced. And how can you do that? Let’s find out: 

Change Picture Dimensions

The best way to reduce the size of an image is to lower its dimensions. You can usually go to your image editing software and select Resize Image from the menu bar. You’ll then be able to adjust the width and the height of the image as per your needs.

Change the Extension

Changing extension of a file can help you save a lot of space. Some files such as .PNG and .BMP are generally bigger in size. Saving the file as a .JPG can be of help.

All you have to do is open the file on a software choose Save As…, and select .JPG or .JPG when saving the file.

Change Image Resolution

Besides changing width and height of an image, you can also reduce its size by altering its dimensions. The resolution of an image is defined by DPI or Dots Per Inch. On a PC screen, the maximum number of dots per inch you see is 72. Larger images are said to have an increased DPI. So, all you need to do is decrease the DPI according to your needs or to 72 to reduce photo sizes. You can perform this task simply by using any of the image editing tools. 

Using Softwares to Make a Picture Smaller 

  • Luminar : Luminar makes your job pretty easy. It allows you to upload a file and perform the task. You can bring up the Export Menu by either selecting it from the Menu Bar or by pressing the shortcut keys “Shift+Command+E”.

You’ll be asked to either  sharpen or resize the image. Choose resize. It will bring on several other options, such as original, short edge etc. You may choose one of these or set your desired size for your picture and reduce it. After that, click on Save, and you will have the file saved but in a smaller size.

  • PhotoShop: You can reduce the size of an image by using the Image Size option. Once you click on the option to resize the image, it will ask you for new height, width and resolution. Type in the new values and click save to have a smaller file. It's as easy as that. 
  • Other Ways: You can also make your pictures smaller using a number of online editing softwares found on the web.