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January 01

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Choosing a photo storage site can be difficult – there are so many platforms to pick from! We understand this dilemma and have created a list of the top online photo storage sites.

In today’s digital age, we have access to a range of awesome photo storage solutions. Professional photographers and hobbyists alike can choose from a myriad of photo storage sites. Some are simple cloud storage services, while others offer advanced photo management features and products such as photo books.

– How many images do you expect to store?

– What is the approximate combined file size of your photos?

– Do you need a photo gallery or just simple file storage?

Answering these questions will help narrow your choice. Each of the top online photo storage sites listed below offers excellent service. We’ve listed well-known platforms such as Photobucket and OneDrive along with some lesser-known services such as Tiny Pic that offer just as much.


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image1

  • Price: $4.99 per month
  • # of images: 2500
  • Storage space: 25GB
  • Important fact: No advertisements

Photobucket is one of the best-known photo storage sites. This platform has excellent flexibility and allows you to share and embed photos in many formats. It has excellent image hosting features and uses a high-speed delivery network to ensure you can access your images without delay. Moreover, the company makes regular backups to ensure your images are secure.

Photobucket also provides a handy feature for embedding photos in web content. Finally, if you’re a fan of social media and want to share your images with the world, this platform provides loads of features for sharing directly to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image2

  • Price: N/A
  • # of images: N/A
  • Storage space: N/A
  • Important fact: Primarily an image creation service

Shutterfly is a brilliant service that offers photo storage as part of the package. The primary function of Shutterfly is to create awesome photo products such as photo books, canvases, and even mugs. There’s a brilliant range of products, each of which can be customized with your own photos. If you create a Shutterfly account, you can upload images to store them and use them for print products. Storage is secure and unlimited. The catch is that images must be used to purchase a Shutterfly product – you can’t really do anything else with them. 

We hope you’ve found this guide to the top online photo storage sites useful. Cloud storage is the way forward for storing and sharing photos. Instead of simply keeping your photos on your personal computer, why not use one of these services and put your digital photo library in the cloud today? Doing so provides additional security but also ensures you can access your treasured images from anywhere in the world!

Adobe CreativePhoto Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image3

  • Price: $9.98 per month
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: 20GB of cloud storage
  • Important fact: Includes access to Lightroom and Photoshop

Adobe Creative is an extensive cloud service. It includes many different packages that give access to Adobe products such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bridge. The Photography package includes 20GB of cloud storage but also gives access to Lightroom and Photoshop. For serious photographers and digital marketers, this is a great offer.

As an Adobe Creative subscriber, you can benefit from the full photo storage and management features Lightroom provides. Using this software, you can tag, rate, and manage your images easily. Of course, all images are uploaded to your Adobe cloud storage.


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image4

  • Price: $48.00 per year
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: Unlimited
  • Important fact: Options for sharing via social media

SmugMug is a cheap online photo storage site with a superb set of features. The layout and design are modern and easy to use. Furthermore, SmugMug prides itself on excellent security and uses the latest cloud technology.

One of the great features of this platform is its photo gallery templates. These templates can be customized and used to showcase your photos. Moreover, a fantastic smartphone app gives you full access to the platform's features from mobile devices.   


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image5

  • Price: Free
  • # of images: 1000
  • Storage space: N/A
  • Important fact: Huge community with millions of photos

Flickr is a long-standing image hosting platform. It has one of the largest communities and millions of searchable images. This alone is a great reason to use it if you want to gain exposure for your photography. The basic free account will store up to 1000 photos. This is more than adequate for hobbyists and people wanting to share their holiday snaps.

The free version has basic organizational and storage options. You can create folders and manage images effectively. The pro version provides additional features together with metrics.


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image6

  • Price: $2.50 per month
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: Unlimited
  • Important fact: Can get data insights from image traffic

500px is a global network for photographers. If you want to share your work and gain recognition, this is a fantastic way to do so. Using 500px, users can search for photos and share their work. Moreover, 500px works as a digital marketplace: buyers looking for photographs can contact users to purchase their images.

The basic subscription is cheap. For just $2.50 per month, you get unlimited storage and photo uploads. Moreover, you can look at statistics for your photos. Finally, you can create fantastic and detailed gallery slideshows.   


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image7

  • Price: $9.99 per month
  • # of images: N/A
  • Storage space: 2TB
  • Important fact: Can be used for storing any files

Dropbox is an all-encompassing cloud file storage system that offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is limited to 2GB of storage space. With any plan, Dropbox allows users to share files and folders with others. The plus and professional packages offer additional storage and advanced features.

This platform is one of the best for sharing and collaboration. Teams can work together to share their ideas using Dropbox Paper. Moreover, Dropbox supports sharing of embedded content from platforms such as Pinterest.

Google Photos

Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image8

  • Price: Free
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: 15GB
  • Important fact: Can create photo books

Is there any type of service Google doesn’t provide? Google Maps, Google Translate… of course, there’s Google Photos too. Google Photos is a simple but effective platform that gives users 15GB of free storage and unlimited photo uploads. It provides regular backups, and images can be uploaded from any location, provided you have an internet connection.

Google Photos also offers excellent organization and cataloging features: images can be sorted into searchable categories. In addition, you can create shared photo albums that other Google Photos members can access, of course only with your permission. 


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image9

  • Price: Free
  • # of images: N/A
  • Storage space: 5GB
  • Important fact: Can upgrade to additional storage plan with a monthly charge.

All Apple devices have iCloud services built-in. This means that iPads, iPhones and Mac computers can all access the service. The basic plan gives users 5GB of free and unlimited uploads. 

iCloud is not just an image uploading service but a file storage service. But the photo storage features are fantastic. You can create libraries and folders for your images, which makes searching for photos easy. What’s more, photos taken on Apple devices are automatically uploaded to iCloud. This is extremely convenient and ensures that nothing is missed. Finally, Apple has added fantastic features to share between Apple devices.  

Amazon Prime Photos

Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image10

  • Price: $7.99 per month for Amazon Prime
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: Unlimited
  • Important fact: Photo storage is just one feature of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an all-encompassing platform that offers so much more than photo sharing. Users can stream live content and access other products and services too. Amazon photo storage is completely secure and maintains the full quality and resolution of your images.

Furthermore, using a browser or the Amazon smartphone app, you can access your photos from anywhere at any time.  Photos can be tagged with different keywords, making them easier to find. If you already use Amazon Prime, this photo service is certainly recommended, as it gives you unlimited storage space and file uploads.


Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image11

  • Price: Free basic account
  • # of images: Unlimited
  • Storage space: Unlimited
  • Important fact: Upload limit of 50 images per IP address per hour

Imgur is predominantly a sharing platform but also has image storage features. It’s hugely popular for sharing images, animated GIFs, and memes. There’s even a meme generator for creating funny images with captions.

    You can create an Imgur account and use it to store and upload images. Within your account, you can create folders and fully manage your images. Moreover, images can be uploaded to a public gallery so other users can vote and comment on them. Images in your private account can be embedded in web content and shared.

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image12

    • Price: Free for the basic plan
    • # of images: Unlimited
    • Storage space: 5GB
    • Important fact: Can store files and create folders

    OneDrive is an excellent file storage and sharing system with so much potential. The file storage itself is advanced and supports folder hierarchies. Although the basic account only comes with 5GB of storage, additional space is affordable.

    As you would expect, OneDrive fully integrates with all Microsoft Office products. Moreover, you can quickly share photos from OneDrive folders to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The only downside to this platform is that there’s no gallery feature or image-specific options – it’s a generic file storage service.   

    Free Image HostingPhoto Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image13

    • Price: Free
    • # of images: Unlimited
    • Storage space: Unlimited
    • Important fact: Limited file management functionality

    Free Image Hosting is an excellent but basic free service. This platform allows you to upload as many images as you want. Even without creating an account, you can upload and link to single images – there are no folder management options, however. This is great if you simply want to upload a handful of images to share on social media.

    If you require more advanced features, you’ll need to create an account. Creating a free account gives access to folder management features. This link can then be shared on platforms such as Facebook.


    Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image14

    • Price: $3.99 per month
    • # of images: Unlimited
    • Storage space: Unlimited
    • Important fact: Ability to watermark images

    ImageShack has been around for a while. Initially, users could upload single images for free. Now it’s a paid service, but it’s evolved greatly. Users can benefit from unlimited image uploads and storage. Furthermore, there’s an option to add a personalized watermark. This is fantastic if you want to protect your intellectual property.

    The control panel and image gallery features look fantastic and are easy to navigate. Furthermore, you can share folders or individual images. Finally, you can search the ImageShack database for inspiration from other famous photographers.

    Tiny PicPhoto Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image15

    • Price: Free
    • # of images: Unlimited
    • Storage space: N/A
    • Important fact: Only an image sharing website

    Tiny Pic is actually an image hosting and sharing website. This is what ImageShack used to look like before it was changed into a paid subscription service. Using Tiny Pic, users can upload a single image and share with friends and family via an automatically generated link. When uploading photos, users can select the display resolution and add tags that allow the image to appear in internet searches. 


    Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image16

    • Price: $4.50 per month
    • # of images: Unlimited
    • Storage space: 100GB
    • Important fact: Multiple users can access your storage

    Box is an advanced cloud storage solution for businesses. The basic package is just $4.50 per month and gives a huge 100GB of storage. The platform uses secure two-factor authentication and allows several registered users to access your files. We recommend Box for business use.

    Canon Irista (is shutting down)

    Photo Storage Websites (Free/ Paid) Image17

    • Price: Free
    • # of images: N/A
    • Storage space: 15 GB
    • Important fact: Fantastic search options

    Canon is, of course, a well-known manufacturer of cameras and equipment. But did you know that they also have an online photo storage website? Irista is Canon’s photo management service. The basic package actually provides users with 15GB of storage absolutely free. 

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    The storage features are excellent. Your Irista photo library is fully searchable, including by keywords. Furthermore, images can be searched by other parameters such as camera model and lens type. In addition, if your camera has a wireless connection, you can upload photos directly to the platform. Finally, you can use Irista to turn your images into awesome products such as photo books and albums.

    Luminar 4 Your photography. Elevated.

    Replace the sky in your photos, instantly! Boost details with AI Structure. Discover more amazing tools in the new Luminar 4.

    • AI Sky Replacement
    • AI Structure
    • 60+ cutting edge features
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