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March 03

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Discover best Photoshop alternative for Mac to enhance details, remove or heal imperfections with one click.

Photoshop is a powerful image processing software developed by Adobe. It is the first app name that comes to mind when thinking about photo editing. Are there any other applications that can be real alternatives for great results? Such apps exist. They give you more freedom. Because you pay only once. No subscription. No limits. High performance. No need for learning. Stunning results on the first try. And give the benefit of the doubt.

One-click Presets for Enhancing Details

Intensify is a great Adobe Photoshop alternative for Mac. It’s a light application for turning dull and plain photographs into pieces of art. It is simple and powerful. Intuitive navigation through built-in settings makes this app a solid choice. No need to read and learn long instructions.

Moreover, now, with Luminar - it's even more easier to make your images better.

You will find seven groups of presets:

Architecture / Black & White / Creative / Detail enhancement / Image Tune / Landscape / Soft

The name of the preset group hints at what type of scenes they are best to adjust. But you are free to express yourself through any preset. Adjust tab is located next to the presets. You can edit photos manually or enhance some specific points after selecting any of the presets.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image1

Simple and Proprietary Lens and Blur Filters

Lens effects of Focus turn it into Mac Photoshop alternative that always win attention as they make you stare at the photo for a long time. The essential subject is sharp while all the rest is blurred. 

Its advantage is five predefined effects:

Portrait / Architecture / Macro / Tilt-Shift

You can crop and twist the picture. Play with the effects or create your custom one. Concentrate on essential and let the world get amazed with your creativity.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image2​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image3

Advanced Removal of Digital Noise

Make your photos look smooth with Noiseless that is a powerful Photoshop Mac alternative. Randomly colored pixels create a grainy cover over fantastic views. Get rid of them with the help of nine available noise reduction presets from Light to Extreme. It is the easiest and fastest Photoshop alternative Mac users have ever had. 

Side-by-side comparison gives you a precise understanding of your progress. This app can give you a no-click image processing. Load the photo and get it tuned and zoomed to 200%. If it requires additional smoothing, click on presets. If no, the job is done.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image4

Precise Removal of Unnecessary Details

Snapheal erases unwanted objects. Can you remember complicated Photoshop steps to remove unwanted elements from the photo? Forget about them and have a closer look at the one-click alternative. All you need to do after launching Snapheal is to move your mouse holding its left button. Click Erase and that's it! It is truly fast.

When the processing engine is doing magic, you will discover or remember a few interesting facts, quotes or hints. No time to get bored. A great opportunity to spend your time during really important activities.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image5

Fascinating Artistic Effects

FX Photo Studio gives you over 200 artistic presets, photo effects and frames that let you quickly enhance your images in no time. You can save them on your hard drive, export to other apps for extra editing, or share them with the world. Click the dice for a random preset. It's fun and exciting! FX is an alternative Photoshop for Mac thanks to a great number of on-click solutions for editing pictures.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image6​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image7

Latter-day Technology for B&W Photographs

Black and white photography is expressive and eye-catching. Tonality brings emotions into your photos by enhancing shapes, structure. You can play with light and shadows to reach necessary effects. Select one-click presets or adjust your black and white photos manually with the help of tools in the right sidebar. It’s the best Photoshop alternative Mac users ever tried.​Photoshop Alternative for Mac Image8

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Creative Kit is a set of six applications made exclusively for Mac: Intensify, Focus, Snapheal, FX Photo Studio, Tonality and Noiseless. All these apps are available free with further upgrade to Starter's Edition, Complete Kit or Complete Kit Premium for Mac. Alternative Photoshop goes in one kit. You can launch any of these apps quickly depending on what you wish to do with your photo.

Proprietary algorithms and up-to-the-minute user interface design let you manipulate with effects by a few clicks. Mac alternatives to Photoshop let you either improve your workflow by adding extra software. Or change it completely by stopping subscription and purchasing Creative Kit. Still doubt about alternatives? Using trial versions of Creative Kit is risk free. Go for it! 

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