Known and called by different names like “Photo manipulation” or “Photo Editing”, the technology dates back to the early 19th century. During this period, the practice required the direct manipulation of the print by retouching it with ink, airbrush, and paint or by scratching the Polaroid during development.

Enhance your photos with easy and powerful image retouching software.

Another method was by means of the double exposure technique where negatives were directly manipulated while still in the camera. Dark-room manipulations were also employed; this involved some specialized techniques like bleaching and hand coloring which were aesthetics or fine art mimicry.

From the very beginning, photo retouching had always been employed to achieve amazing results which couldn’t have otherwise been possible through exclusive dependence on the camera.

The 20th century ushered in a new revolution in digital photography and retouching. The century first witnessed digital retouching by means of the Quantel computers which ran Paintbox along with other packages in what was then known as the professional environments. The once conventional style of the 19th century has become old fashioned, slow and grossly limited in capability when compared with 20th and now, the 21st century digital image retouching.

Applications like the Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint, among several others, replaced the Paintbox and others, and consequently introduced an entirely new and innovative approach to image retouching. The term “Contemporary” photo retouching has since been redefined.

Digital Photo Retouching

Leading professional photographers, from all around the world, have not only discovered the amazing touch of quality, excellence and photo enhancement that comes with employing digital photo retouching, they’ve also seen the need to essentially integrate it into their photography.

Unlike the way it was in the past, where in most cases, it was the photographer who pulled the ‘retouching stunt’ to make a good impression on the client or audience, clients are now, more than ever before, aware of the endless possibilities available to them by means of image retouching software, and are placing choice demands on how they’d rather want the finished photo-product to appear.

There are now several image retouching software, both free and paid, which make it possible for users, in spite of their skill level, to have easier access to the unlimited possibilities that exists. One of such apps is the Skylum’s Snapheal Creative Kit made exclusively for Mac users.

This 4-consecutive-year award-winning app is a must have for individuals and digital image professionals who are looking to attain perfection in photo retouching. Snapheal is fast, easy to understand, intuitive and user-friendly. It can perform a whole lot of tasks, ranging from simple to very complex ones, in an amazing way, mostly in simple clicks.

An Overview of Snapheal: The Professional Photo ‘Retoucher’

Snapheal, by its functions, is the easiest and fastest software available for thorough and comprehensive image perfection. At amazing speed, in simple click-commands, Snapheal is able to remove unwanted objects from your images, heal unwanted blemishes, and fix common photo flaws such as dust spots, scratches, unwanted images, backgrounds and makes the photo less appealing.

You can enhance your photo’s quality by polishing it by means of the ‘exposure adjustment’ tool. You may also decide to reduce noise, tone, sharpen or blur details and much more, before printing or sharing them on your favorite social networking page(s).

Snapheal, one of the 6 powerful, efficient and highly resourceful apps in the Skylum’s Creative Kit 2016, is designed to work as a standalone for Mac Operating Systems, run as plug-ins for Lightroom, Apple Aperture, Adobe Photo Photoshop as well as Photoshop Elements. It also works from within Photos for Mac, as an editing extension.

Featuring a state-of-the-art object removal technology, exceptional photo retouch brushes and masking tools, stunning patented algorithms that delete objects from your images by means of proprietary CleanPics technology, global adjustment controls that help achieve image perfection, and so much more, Snapheal is indeed loaded with features that make it exceptional.

A Closer Look at Snapheal

Snapheal features stunning, exclusive easy-to-use image retouching tools which anyone, irrespective of their skill set, can take advantage of. On Snapheal, your photo-retouching possibilities are endless; the only limitations are in your mind; Snapheal is an as-far-as-your-mind-can-imagine app. If you can imagine it, Snapheal has the capabilities to make it digitally possible!Photo Retouching | Skylum Blog(2)

In an attempt to simplify the amazing functions and possibilities of this amazing award winning app, let’s examine its fantastic tools under two broad categories, namely ‘Erasing’ and ‘Editing’ tools.

Snapheal Erasing Tools

  • When it comes to excellent image retouching, you can be rest assured that Snapheal’s ‘erasing tools’ can be trusted to help accomplish extraordinary tasks.
  • The brush and eraser tools, which can be refined, allow you to seamlessly highlight and delete unwanted objects in your image.
  • Lasso is great for retouching large object while the Clone Stamp tool creates perfect replica(s) of desired object(s) within the image.
  • The Global and Dynamic Erasing Modes powered by the highly efficient CleanPics algorithm is another fantastic retouching tool.
  • The Precision tools comprising of the ‘Normal’, ‘High’ and ‘Highest’ Precision options function with varied processing times, which determine the overall quality of your finished work; the highest, gives the best quality.
  • On selection of the appropriate options, a single click of Snapheal’s erase button instantly executes your commands and feeds you back with amazing photo-retouched results.

Next is the Editing Tool… Snapheal’s Editing Tools

Retouching some selected or an entire image just got better. The Snapheal editing tools give you absolute photo-enhancing control over image properties like ‘temperature’, ‘tint’, ‘clarity’, highlights’, ‘sharpen’, ‘contrast’, ‘exposure’, ‘shadows’, ‘brightness’, etc.

Imagine a photo retouching software with which you can seamlessly transform your overall image-scene from cool to warm, alter tonality, contrast and balance the differences in your image’s tonal values, diminish noise properties, as well as enhance edges of perceived elements within your photo, and a whole lot more!

Snapheal is literarily loaded with lots of retouching tools which are excellently organized in accessible, easy-to-use panels. Memorizing complex commands and numerous shortcut keys are no longer necessary. Having selected your desired options, Snapheal executes the commands in just a few mouse-clicks.

With Skylum’s Snapheal Creative Kit, there’s a whole lot more you that can do in the arena of excellent, top quality image retouching.

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