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Turn Your Photos into Works of Art with AI Filters

Thanks to AI, you can streamline routine tasks and achieve wonderful results faster and easier. Try a variety of AI effect filters in Luminar Neo editing software

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Edit the temple photo with Accent AI
Edit the temple photo with Accent AI
© Dima Sytnik

Redefining Visual Aesthetics with Accent AI

This Luminar Neo tool automatically analyzes your image and instantly corrects it using over a dozen controls at once, yielding naturally beautiful results with one simple slider. Accent AI filter can substitute various traditional controls like shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, details, and others.

What Distinguishes our AI Filter Effect Tool?

Luminar Neo’s Accent AI tool is AI-powered and can help you streamline your editing, easily allowing you to enhance up to a dozen adjustments with one slider. Achieve naturally beautiful results with a single slide instead of manually tweaking multiple controls.

© Cuma Cevik
Make a mountain view better
© Cuma Cevik

Experiment with AI Technologies in Cooperation with Photography

AI can significantly enhance the photo editing process by automating repetitive tasks, offering intelligent tools, and improving the overall efficiency and quality of the editing process.

Luminar Neo is innovative software that is powered by filter AI technologies and lets you effortlessly create amazing photos.
Change the
© Dima Sytnik
Photo with ducks
© Zoonar

How Does Accent AI Work?


Accent AI analyzes photographs, taking notes of things like faces, and gives a net result that truly improves an image every time. It’s content-aware, meaning you can rely on Accent AI more than ever before.


With a slide of Accent AI, you can enhance a photo to make it look exactly as you saw it when shooting. Improve up to a dozen adjustments in a click.


You can further enhance your photo and make it look like you want it to be adjusted amount the Accent AI slider. Luminar Neo gives you full control over the results.

Explore Other Features

Luminar is designed to be convenient for people with different proficiency levels. The software’s intuitive AI-powered controls automate complicated multistep tasks.
Black & White
© Moha El-Jaw
Black & White
Converting color photos to black and white is simple
RAW Converter
© Cuma Cevik
RAW Converter
Convert your RAW images into stunning, high-quality photographs
© Ksusha Kazak
Skin AI
Skin for flawless skin without imperfections
© Sherwin Magsino
Composition AI
Composition for perfect crops and perspective
© Jabi Sanz
Accent AI
Accent  for a one-slider fix of light, contrast, and colors
© Jabi Sanz
Sky AI
Sky for the effortless sky replacement

An application & plugin
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI filter?

AI filters, also known as artificial intelligence filters or neural filters, are advanced image or video processing tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to apply specific transformations, effects, or enhancements to media content.

How to fix faded photos?

AI filters, also known as AI-powered filters or neural filters, use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze and modify images or videos in various ways. These filters leverage deep learning models to understand the content of an image and apply specific transformations to achieve desired effects. 

What can you create with an AI filter?

It depends on the filter! There are AI style filters that improve appearance or tools like Face AI and Skin AI that enhance particular details of a photo. Explore Luminar Neo’s multiple AI tools and see what you can do!

Can AI filters be used to enhance images and videos?

Of course, Luminar Neo has multiple AI picture filters that can help you improve images. As for videos, Luminar Neo currently doesn’t support video files.
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