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June 16

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Picasa was a popular cross-platform app for image viewing, photo enhancement, and organization. However, in 2016 Google decided to discontinue its support and focused on the improvement of Google Photos. Luckily, there is a plethora of alternatives that can amaze any fan of Picasa with a variety of tools and impressive benefits.

Picasa was a popular cross-platform app for image viewing, photo enhancement, and organization. However, in 2016 Google decided to discontinue its support and focused on the improvement of Google Photos. 

Luckily, there is a plethora of alternatives that can amaze any fan of Picasa with a variety of tools and impressive benefits. Furthermore, some of them offer even more opportunities to enhance your images without professional photo editing skills. And due to this review, you can get acquainted only with the best applications that will definitely provide you with a wonderful experience.

1. Luminar 4

There are no doubts that this application will amaze both core fans of Picasa and professionals searching for reliable and powerful software. It has never been easier to work with your images before. The app offers such attractive features as layered editing, advanced masking, LUT mapping, and other useful tools that will change your photos into real masterpieces. And don’t forget about AI that can enhance your images automatically. 

In addition, this updated version has some new features. Probably, the most wonderful one is the AI Sky Replacement that provides users with the possibility to change the sky in their image in one click. And such benefits as improved AI Structure and skin enhancer make this application the best Picasa alternative available in the market.

Moreover, you can use it as a standalone photo editor or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Although it’s not a free app, its price includes all ongoing updates and support. So don’t miss your chance and purchase this easy-to-use software to forget about the difficulties with image organization and editing.

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2. Google Photos

Although many users say that the main drawback of this application is its interface, there are a lot of people that adore this free cloud-based photo archive. First of all, it may provide the opportunity to save the unlimited number of HD videos and images up to 16 MP. Also, it’s possible to connect to the archive via any computer, smartphone or tablet whenever you want.

The possibility to find the desired photo in a few seconds is, probably, the main advantage of Google Photos. Due to the advanced search system, you need just to write what you want to find and the application will show you all your images related to the thing, person or animal you’re looking for. Besides, it’s possible to use this photo archive to share your best pictures with your relatives and friends.

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3. ACDSee Photo Studio

This application is a perfect choice if you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-use Picasa alternative. It has various features necessary to find the right picture out of thousands in a couple of seconds. All that you need to do is just to use Manage mode. It opens the library of your shots, where you can index categories, labels, and scores.

Also, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the app’s amazing performance and customizable interface. And such features as face recognition, skin enhancement and geotagging make this app perfect both for professionals and people who want to keep their photos organized. Nevertheless, the variety of tools leaves much to be desired.

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4. Adobe Lightroom CC

In case you are a fan of Adobe products and want to keep all your images in reliable online storage, this app is just what you are looking for. This is a great software that will provide you with access to your photos wherever you want. And it doesn’t matter whether you use your computer, laptop or smartphone. Furthermore, you will be able to edit your pictures with the help of any available device.

Except for the possibility to organize your photos by date or location, you can create albums for better management. Besides, the app can provide you with information about any of your images. It can show the file name, capture date, format and size of the image, and even camera settings that were used when the picture was taken. And if you use the camera provided with GPS tracker, you will be able to see the information about the location where your photos were captured.

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5. Zoner Photo Studio X

This photo editing software is a perfect combination of image organizer and editor that has the necessary tools for the professional enhancement of your pictures. The app supports more than 50 file formats including RAW, GIF, PNG, JPG and PDF. Besides, it offers an amazing variety of photo editing features, such as 38 creative filters, Develope Mode, cloning tool, etc.

It’s possible to use this application to put all your images in order due to its advanced organizing system. Use various tags, color labels, and keywords to find anything you need. Besides, you’ll be able to organize your pictures with the help of EXIF data or information about their GPS locations. This application is a great option for a photographer who has thousands of photos and needs to sort them all. 

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6. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft managed to develop an app that has a chance to fight off competition and become the best photo editor in the market. The first thing that salutes the eye is its user-friendly interface. You won’t face any difficulties if you haven’t utilized photo editing software before.

The app provides its users with wonderful features that can be used to create eye-catching images. It has all the necessary and popular tools including picture rotation, color correction, exposure, etc. Besides, its amazing histogram feature allows highlighting shadows, changing brightness and adjusting color temperature. Except for these wonderful tools, the app offers much more, so it’ll come in handy even to professionals.

And, of course, this app wouldn’t be one of the best Picasa alternatives without impressive organizing and sharing features. Its users can import files and keep them organized using keywords and tags. It’s possible to create various folders if you want to find any image within several seconds. What is more, users can share all their uploaded and edited photos to Facebook, YouTube or another popular platform without any problems.

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7. Phototheca

Professional photographers have thousands of digital images and sometimes they may face problems with searching this or that photo. Fortunately, it’s possible to solve this issue with the help of this free photo manager. It offers wonderful features that are perfect for editing, viewing and sharing your pictures.

First of all, you’ll be definitely amazed by its smart albums. The app will automatically create albums with pictures that have a lot of common features. Besides, this software is an ideal choice for photographers who need to protect their photos. Just set your password and it’ll be impossible to open this or that image without your permission. 

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8. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is definitely worth your attention if you are looking for a free photo editor that will help you enhance your pictures and manage them. The great fact is that it’s possible to use this app to create GIF animation and draw digital pictures. Besides, the software provides its users with tons of filters and effects that can make their pictures unique and more attractive.

Due to the user-friendly interface, even beginners won’t face any difficulties while using this app. And the RAW converter is another great benefit of this Picasa alternative. Although the software is provided only in English and Korean languages, it’s possible to download a special language package to overcome this problem.

Picasa Alternatives Image8

9. IrfanView

It may be difficult to find a perfect image viewer that can surpass your expectations but this app certainly copes with this task. It has all the tools necessary to manage your photos and edit them. Besides, you can install plugins to get access to the wider choice of opportunities.

Even though the app has an unattractive old-fashioned interface, it offers impressive performance speed. It works with files larger than 25MB without any lags or crashes. Unfortunately, this wonderful photo editor is available only for Windows users.

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10. FastStone Image Viewer

If you need to download a free image viewer not only to organize your files but also to improve your photo editing skills, this app will definitely satisfy you. It works with all popular formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and RAW. The app’s editing tools include not only basic color correction and cropping but also clone brush and unsharp masking.

Plus, there is a portable app version that doesn’t require installation. You may just download it to the USB flash device to use your favorite photo editor whenever you need it. However, take into account that the app works only with Windows OS.

Picasa Alternatives Image10

11. macOS Photos Mac

This photo editor will help you to solve problems with your image management and enhancement of your pictures. The great fact is that this app is available at all your Apple devices, so you will have access to your favorite images wherever you are.  

The software is provided with awesome Face Features. It can recognize this or that person in the picture. Due to this feature, you’ll be able to find photos of your friends or relatives in a couple of seconds. Additionally, you can use keywords for faster searches. And of course, it’s possible to see the information about the location where the picture was taken.

Also, this app has incredible editing tools such as white balance setting and noise reduction. It’s even possible to use a special Retouch tool that can fix your images and make them flawless. No doubt, this photo editor is a great option for any owner of MacBook, iPhone or iPad.

Picasa Alternatives Image11


It’s no-brainer that Picasa was an awesome app for image viewing and organization but right now there are better photo editors that offer newer and more advanced features. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of changes and it’ll be a great idea to check out each app from the list. You can be sure, that you’ll definitely find the software that will satisfy all your needs.

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