The Power of Cropping in Photography

September 07

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The easiest tool you can use to improve the composition of the image is cropping.

A good composition is essential for taking good photos. Every photographer should strive to nail their composition while they are taking a photograph. The composition should highlight the subject and bring the viewer’s focus to a particular point in the case of portrait or product photography. Alternatively, in the case of street or urban photography, the composition should be well balanced, keeping the various things you want people to see in the frame while making sure that nothing gets too confusing.

The Power of Cropping in Photography Image1

However, sometimes you are bound to visualize a different composition than what you have in front of you while processing your images. These are the kind of situations where the mighty, albeit simple, crop tool comes into play. A good photo editor that allows you to crop your photo in various ways is essential for good results. Before taking a look at some of the best editors you can use for the purpose, however, let’s see why cropping an image is important sometimes.

  • To Create a Focal Point

Sometimes a photo might have too much visual information in it, distracting the viewer away from the main subject. In these cases, cropping an image to bring the subject into more focus is a great idea. You don’t have to go overboard with your cropping, but just enough of it so that some of the major visual distractions are out of the way is perfect.

  • For Dramatic Effect

Cropping an image can sometimes allow you to add more drama than there is. A portrait, for example, that is centralized in the frame can be enhanced much more if it is maybe aligned to one side of the frame. Similarly, sometimes cropping an image in a way that makes the contents bleed out of the frame adds a great deal of visual interest in the overall composition, making people think about what they are looking at.

There are many more reasons to crop your images, but these two are among the most prominent ones. You can crop your images in a number of different programs, but it’s always better to use one that allows you to process your images easily after you have cropped them.

The Power of Cropping in Photography Image2

Use Photoshop for Granular Control

If you want pixel-level control over your photos while cropping them, Photoshop is the best software you can use. It not only allows you to crop your images to the size of your choice but also gives you an amazing array of editing features to play around with your photos. However, Photoshop takes some time to get used to, and requires more amount of time for the editing process than some others.

Use Luminar for Creative Ease

If you want something easier to use than Photoshop, Luminar by Skylum could be right up your alley. Other than providing you different grids to help with cropping, Luminar is also a full-fledged RAW image editor. You can use it to properly frame your RAW images and then process them however you want using the wide range of controls over color, contrast, noise levels, temperature, and many more aspects of your photos.

Cropping can become an essential tool in certain situations, and it is imperative that you know how to use it. Whichever photo editor you use for the purpose, be sure to carefully assess your images prior to cropping them so that you know exactly what kind of look you want and what message you want your image to convey.

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