Dehaze Filter

Sometimes our photos don’t look quite as vibrant once they’re on the computer screen. For instance, shooting RAW files or in a bit of light fog can occasionally make our photos look a bit washed out.  For these times, Luminar offers the “Dehaze” filter, to cut through that hazy look and restore dimension and color into your photos.

Why is your photo flat?

When you first upload a RAW file, it can give the impression that the photo is flat and lacking dimension.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! When you shoot RAW, all the information is recorded, instead of compressed into JPEG format, so that it can be all crafted intricately later with editing software.  The information is all there, it’s just waiting for you to pull it through!

Another reason your photo might appear flat is because of slight camera shake, hazy light on a grey day, or a bit of fog in the air.  Again, this is nothing to worry about because you can bring the dimension back with your editing software by emphasizing contrast and saturation, and pulling down black tones and highlights.

Using the Dehaze Filter

The “Dehaze” filter in Luminar is easy to use and an effective way to combat that washed-out photo look.  Simply go to “Add Filter” and then click “Dehaze.”  From there you can control the amount using a slider bar on the right side screen.  You’ll notice that the filter will pull in highlights, bring more of a full colour to sky and skin tone, as well as intensify colour and contrast.  It’s easy to use and it’s a one-stop effect to accommodate all the aspects that you’d use to bring dimension back into a hazy photo. That being said, you can give any photo a boost with this filter! Try it out!

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New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...

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