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Get Sharper with a 4K Image Upscaler

Upscale a photo up to 4x and enhance image resolution naturally with AI. Crop an interesting frame from a panoramic landscape, get high-quality zoom-ins of wildlife, improve macro shots, enhance old photos, prepare your images for printing, and more

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How to Maximize Image Quality with an Image Upscaler 4K?

The Upscale AI feature in Luminar Neo can help you easily upscale a photo up to 4x while retaining image quality. Try it on your photos and see what you can do!
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Why is the 4K Photo Enhancer a Game-Changer?

Achieve a high level of detail, enlarge small objects in high resolution, upscale faster and easier, and improve your results with Upscale AI in Luminar Neo.

Beyond High Definition: Make Images 4K

Upscaling can be used to achieve a specific artistic look, restore or preserve old photos, and so much more. If you want to print or display a photo at a larger size, upscaling can help maintain the image's dimensions without making it appear pixelated or blurry. This is useful for posters, banners or large-format prints. 
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Unlocking the True Potential of Your Images with a 4K Image Maker

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using Upscale AI in Luminar Neo :

Open Luminar Neo as a stand-alone program.
Click on Add Photos and then click on Add Image.
Select your file and click Open.
Click Catalog at the top of the menu.
Drag the image down to the Upscale AI box at the bottom where it says Drag a photo here to start.
Choose the amount you want to upscale your image by. It will take a few moments to upscale.

Once the task is complete, a copy of your upscaled image will be placed in the Upscale folder. To avoid confusion, the upscaled image file name will also be changed, with image_upscale added to the end of the original file name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an image 4K with Luminar Neo?

Use the Upscale AI Extension in Luminar Neo to easily enlarge an image to 4K. All you have to do is choose the amount you want to upscale your image to and click a button. It’s that easy!

How does a 4K image upscaler work?

In a nutshell, upscaling in a 4K photo maker uses various interpolation algorithms to estimate the color and brightness values of the additional pixels. Upscale AI in Luminar Neo analyzes your photo and provides you with a zoomed-in, high-quality image.

What is the difference between upscaling and native 4k photography?

Upscale 4K and native 4K photography are two different concepts related to image resolution and quality. Native 4K photography refers to capturing or creating images at a resolution of 4K pixels, which typically means approximately 4,000 pixels horizontally. This is a high-resolution format used in professional photography and videography. Upscaling refers to increasing the resolution of an existing image, typically by enlarging it using various algorithms or software tools.

Are there any limitations to upscaling images to 4K?

If you want to make the resolution of a photo 4K or a higher, there are limitations related to the original image quality, the upscaling algorithm used and the extent to which you can increase the size of the image while maintaining acceptable visual quality. Use Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI to maximize the quality of your results.