Luminar 3.2.0


  • CR3 RAW Support

    We added Raw file support for the latest Canon cameras. If you’re a Canon shooter, Luminar 3 now works perfectly with both CR2 and CR3 file. Enjoy!

  • Faster Looks Preview

    Thanks to our Luminar Artists who help us fine-tune performance working with Looks is now much faster. Give the Looks a try on your next photo today!

Les futures versions de Luminar 3


  • Édition basique IPTC

    Bientôt, vous pourrez éditer les informations IPTC essentielles et synchroniser ces préréglages sur plusieurs images.

  • Outil de recherche pour les champs de texte de l'image

    Cette amélioration vous permettra de retrouver vos images à l’aide des champs IPTC et des noms de fichiers.

  • Nouveaux profils d'appareil photo

    Nous ajoutons plusieurs profils d'appareil photo afin de définir le rendu des couleurs de plusieurs modèles d'appareil.

  • Nouveaux profils d'objectif

    Nous allons bientôt implémenter des profils pour différents objectifs, ce qui vous permettra de corriger les distorsions spécifiques à votre objectif.

Luminar 4.1.0


  • NEW Atmospheric Haze for AI Sky Replacement

    Get the most realistic sky replacement! The new Atmospheric Haze slider is perfect to adjust the light balance for the replaced sky and the image foreground.

  • NEW Erase Tool Technology

    The Erase Tool now uses all-new technology for precise object removal. It works exceptionally well on even complicated backgrounds and those with complex gradients and especially for sensor dust spots on a photo.

  • Improved performance and stability

    We’ve fixed 53 bugs that could lead to crashes or unexpected results. We’ve also made 17 improvements to memory management, user experience (UX), and stability.

  • Portrait Enhancer Tool

    You can now use the Portrait Enhancer tool on even more images, including ones with smaller faces like group or environmental portraits.

  • Full support for Photoshop 2020

    Luminar 4 is now fully compatible as a plugin for Photoshop 2020. You can also use it as a Smart Filter with Smart Objects.

  • Expanded User Manual

    Check out the comprehensive user manual at Easily search for answers with the search box at the top of the manual as well as explore the different topics.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
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