Kate Phellini

Kate Phellini is a fashion, art and advertisement photographer with more than 9 years of professional experience currently based in Warsaw, Poland. Connecting photography, graphic design, and blues dance, Kate gets endless and versatile possibilities of visual expression. Her background in international relations led to an anthropological approach in Kate's photography. This year's major achievement was to receive the EyeEm Photographer of the Year award that brought in a massive amount of creative energy and made Kate Phellini even more dedicated to her passions.

When I use Luminar compared to other software, I'm not just doing the same things in a different interface. What I get are unexpected color and light/shadow treatments that frequently inspire new artistic decisions. Being a strong supporter of the digital minimalism movement and spending less time staring at the computer myself, I really value those time-saving features that Luminar 4 provides, such as for detecting and reducing under-eye shadows and smoothing skin almost instantly.

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