Luminar 3.1.3


  • Lost Edits Album

    Can’t find an image you edited because it was moved or renamed? Don’t worry – just go to the Lost Edits album and locate the moved or renamed file.

  • New splash screen

    Each time you start Luminar, enjoy a stunning image by Jeffrey Moreau – an avid Luminar user and the winner of the Luminar Featured Artist contest.

  • New hotkeys on Windows

    Experience a smoother, more convenient workflow with hotkeys on any platform.

  • Improved memory management

    Enjoy better performance when browsing the Gallery, editing, and exporting images.

  • Faster when adding folders to the Library

    Add thousands of photos to Luminar from your SSD in a moment.

  • Fixed RAW file opening on macOS 10.11

    Now you can work with RAW files in the Single Image View on macOS 10.11.

  • Improved workflow when a catalog isn’t found

    The new pop-up window not only notifies you about the missing catalog but offers you to create a new catalog or choose a different catalog.

Luminar 3.2.0

In development

  • Support for macOS 10.15

    Our developers work hard to ensure Luminar’s flawless performance when new macOS versions come out.

  • Better memory management

    We’ve optimized memory use for an even smoother workflow.

  • Support for new cameras

    We constantly work on providing support for new RAW formats.

Luminar 3 future versions


  • IPTC Basic editing

    Soon, you’ll be able to edit core IPTC info and sync these presets across multiple images.

  • Search tool for image text fields

    This improvement will let you find your images with the help of IPTC fields and file names.

  • New camera profiles

    We’re adding more camera profiles to define the color rendition of multiple camera models.

  • New lens profiles

    We’ll soon be implementing profiles for different lenses, which will enable you to fix distortions specific to your lens.

Luminar 4

In progress

  • Powerful AI filters:

    New AI Sky Replacement and AI Structure filters allow you to change the sky and enhance details in a click. Stay tuned – soon we’ll reveal more filters.

  • New optimized Skylum Image Processing Engine 2.0 with new AI module

    With AI technology, a few sliders can add complex effects to your photos that have previously been achieved with masks, layers, and hours of editing.

  • New stylish LUTs

    We’re working on expanding the LUT library to give you a greater variety of presets. You’ll also find more settings to customize each.

  • And many more AI-powered features

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New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...