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À propos

Eddy Kinol’s pack of 10 Presets for Luminar Neo is the perfect way to create a strong dark mood for your seascape, urban, and village photography. In this pack, you are going to find gloomy and dark atmosphere effects for your photography. It’s perfect for photos featuring fog or mist, or those that evoke a pensive mood. Eddy created this pack after traveling to a location and seeing the weather change to a hard fog, so you too can enhance your photos if the weather suddenly changes or if you want to add an artistic touch to your photos.


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© Eddy Kinol
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© Eddy Kinol
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© Eddy Kinol

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Eddy Kinol

Landscape and seascape photographer

Eddy Kinol lives in Cornwall in the UK for almost 10 years. He has a background in landscape and souvenir photography and has been using computers for various purposes for 40 years. In the past, Eddy owned a gallery in St Ives where he sold his products. Now he is a full-time landscape and seascape photographer. Eddy shares his passion for post-production in the world of creative photography using Luminar Neo and other software on his French-language YouTube channel and, more recently, on his English-language YouTube channel.

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