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Anime Clouds

Ciels by Denise Rashidi

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Evoke a feeling of childhood happiness and bittersweet nostalgia in your photos thanks to this Skies pack by Japan-based photographer Denise Rashidi. Create unique artworks with 10 Skies inspired by 90s anime, especially Ghibli movies. Marvel in the picturesque clouds of cotton and mesmerizing colors. Denise Rashidi has captured real places in pastel colors that will make your photos feel like a hazy dream or a childhood memory.


10 Skies inspired by 90s anime.


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

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À l'aide des fichiers RAW fournis, vous pourrez facilement appliquer les conseils en matière de retouche et découvrir comment obtenir des photos comme celles-ci.

© Denise Rashidi
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Antes de Después
© Denise Rashidi
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Antes de Después
© Denise Rashidi
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Antes de Después
© Denise Rashidi
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Antes de Después

Skies included in the pack

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Denise Rashidi

Art director & freelance artist

Denise Rashidi is an art director and illustrator, born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany.

Growing up, she has always been surrounded by different cultures due to her mixed heritage and constant travels between families. It wasn’t until her first trip to Japan that she discovered her love for architectural designs, nature and nostalgic pastel colours, which eventually led her to take her travel experiences and translate them into her own signature “Neon Pastel”-style.

She likes to create places and scenes that are often based on real life locations, while adding a dreamlike twist to turn them into a dream world. Her main goal is to give the viewers of her art a feeling of warmth, familiarity and dream like nostalgia, even if they have no personal connection to the places she depicts. 

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