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Ciels by Maciej Gralek


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This serene and pensive Skies collection by Maciej Gralek is here to give your photos a somber and elevated look. Try out gloomy Skies with dark blue clouds or gentle pink Skies that add a pop of color to your photos. There are plenty to choose from with 25 high-quality JPEG Skies in this collection. Choose the ones you love!


25 high-quality JPEG Skies


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

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Antes de Después

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Maciej Gralek

Interiors and architecture PHOTOGRAPHER.

Maciej specializes in interiors, architecture, and portraiture photography. He has photographed 2000+ beautiful houses and apartments in the Stavanger area since he moved to Norway in 2014.

'I feel equally comfortable and excited in the studio as on location. It was always my goal to shoot the final image in the camera, however, having a solid background in retouching and compositing allows me to execute complicated projects with multiple lights and combine many images into a final picture.'

Maciej Gralek(7)