Beautiful Sunlit Landscapes
Beautiful Sunlit Landscapes

Beautiful Sunlit Landscapes

Do you take landscape photos at sunrise or sunset? Of course, you do. But do you ever feel like the beautiful light you saw doesn’t really come through accurately in your images? Do you feel like the incredible scene you just witnessed is somehow not translated into a beautiful photo?

Well, there is no better way to quickly make your photos as memorable as the experience was than with Luminar. Join travel photographer Jim Nix as he walks you through his workflow for bringing a gorgeous sunrise photo to life.

This video tutorial walks you through all the steps needed to relight a gorgeous scene and put your own creative stamp on it. Follow along!

What You’ll Learn

- General workflow tips and tricks for color and mood enhancement

- Why the Raw Develop filter is your best first step

- How to apply Adjustable Gradient for great results

- How to manage and balance the light across a single exposure

- How to subtly add warmth across a photo 

- Using the Sunrays filter to enhance an existing sunrise

- Controlling colors with an HSL adjustment and filter masking

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