Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(3)
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2 Applied

Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(5)

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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2 Applied

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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(7)
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2

Cieli by Marco Grassi

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A long-anticipated continuation of the first volume, this collection of 10 high-quality Skies in JPEG format is here to make your images even more playful. Choose from curly, puffy, gloomy, and white clouds and adorn your Skies with stunning views captured by Marco Grassi. Don’t settle for plain horizons in your images!

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10 high-quality Skies in JPEG format.


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

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Utilizzando i file RAW forniti, potrai mettere facilmente in pratica i consigli di ritocco e imparare a ottenere foto come queste.

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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(40)
Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(41)>
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(42)
Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(43)>
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(44)
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(46)
Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(47)>
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Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(48)
Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(49)>
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Marco Grassi

Fotografo di viaggi. Ambasciatore di Skylum.

Born and raised in Italy, Marco Grassi is a self-taught, award-winning photographer focused on capturing pristine landscapes. He’s also an avid adventurer and photo educator who leads workshops all over the world. Inspired by raw, natural beauty and remote destinations, Marco travels extensively to capture the many wonderful sceneries our planet has to offer.

His expeditions have taken him from the North Pole to the South Pole. During his travels, Marco seamlessly combines adventure with technical photography skills. His work has been published widely including by popular media outlets such as National Geographic, the BBC, and GEO Magazine. 

Nuvole vaporose vol. 2(74)