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Immergiti nei video corsi di fotografia e foto editing di Luminar, presentati da fotografi professionisti e insegnanti.

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Landscape Photography: from gear to editing


Creative Photo Editing Techniques


Luminar Neo Course by Digital Photo Mentor


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Learn to Edit Photos Like A Pro

Take your photo alteration skills to new heights by enrolling in photography editing classes, available through Skylum's Marketplace. With comprehensive video courses, we aim to transform you into a professional photo photographer. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our classes provide expert guidance, practice, and valuable resources. These skills will enhance your expertise in picture improvement and turn your photos into stunning works of art.

Explore Photography And Editing Classes

Expand your photography knowledge and creativity with photography and photo editing tutorials from Skylum's Marketplace.

You will learn:

Landscape photography:

  • What equipment is needed for landscape photography
  • How to choose a suitable location
  • What you need to take with you to a photo session
  • How to properly process landscape photos

Creative Photo Editing Techniques: 

  • Create real magic with a lens
  • Learn to work with Luminar Neo layouts and presets
  • Master basic photo editing
  • Explore advanced photo editing tools

Luminar Neo Courses by Digital Photo Mentor: 

  • Mastering the redactor
  • From basics to pro—tips and tricks of great editing
  • Exploring AI in your art
  • How to use Luminar Neo as a plugin
  • How to work with the Luminar Neo catalog

Embark on an artistic journey to develop and refine your skills.

Unlock your full creative potential and enroll in photo enhancing and photo editing training through Skylum's Marketplace. Take the first step towards becoming a pro in capturing and enhancing captivating images.
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