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Cieli pomeridiani tranquilli

Cieli by Manish Lakhani

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Scopri 10 cieli azzurri in formato JPEG catturati da Manish Lakhani. Questi cieli sereni con soffici nuvole bianche doneranno alle tue foto un'atmosfera di pace e maestosa bellezza. Che tu voglia sostituire uno sfondo poco allettante o trasmettere un senso di tranquillità aggiungendo una nota di azzurro, questa collezione fa decisamente al caso tuo.

Cosa è incluso

10 Cieli in formato JPEG.


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

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Utilizzando i file RAW forniti, potrai mettere facilmente in pratica i consigli di ritocco e imparare a ottenere foto come queste.

© sonali-deo
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© jack-seeds
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© joey-kyber
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© guilherme-stecanella
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© shane-hauser
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Manish Lakhani

Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

“My life is driven by the journey, not by the destination”

Manish is a photographer and adventure chaser, with one foot in the cold highland deserts of the Himalayas and one on the pedals of his bike to chase dreams. He loves the camera and travels on a bicycle into remote areas.

Guided by the words of his late friend Joel —“not a geographical location, more a place in the heart”, he is eager to see the new world and capture all its fleeting moments with his camera.

Manish is a versatile photographer with a history of creating brilliant images of culture, heritage, and landscape. For several years now, he has been photographing the cultural heritage of India that including the shepherds of the Himalayan highlands, native people of North-East India, and Western India, in addition to the rich traditions of Kerala. He is renowned for his unique portrayal of remote cultures from across India.

His works have been regularly featured in magazines across the world, and he is attested by several experts as one of the finest travel photographers from India in recent years.

He is also known for his prowess in landscape photography, which has been achieved with his years of traveling in the high Himalayas. His portfolio is diverse and encompasses everything from star-studded skies & snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to exotic festivals and semi-nomadic cultures throughout the length and breadth of India. He was born with a love for mountains, which has carried him back to Ladakh and other highlands of the Himalayas many times over.

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