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Glorious Sunsets

Cieli by Vedad Ceric



Vedad Ceric's collection of 10 JPEG sunset Skies is the perfect shortcut to make your photos colorful and bright in just a few clicks. Shot in such beautiful locations as Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and the Trebević Mountain, these Skies capture the setting sun in all its glory. This collection not only has the capability to take your photos to a new level but also helps bring variety and diversity with its 10 unique options. Orange, lilac, red or yellow — you will certainly find a Sky that you’ll love. Why not try them out today?

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10 Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

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© Vedad Ceric
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© Vedad Ceric
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© Vedad Ceric
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© Vedad Ceric
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© Vedad Ceric
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Vedad Ceric

Vedad Ceric

Vedad Ceric is a passionate freelance photographer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His works range from capturing events around his hometown to travel photos from different countries he visits. He embarked on his photographic journey about 10 years ago, starting out with a mobile phone and then progressing to a photo camera - since then, his photos have been featured in various international media outlets.

With a keen eye and an artistic touch, Vedad continues to bring life to the world through his lens. His work has been a source of inspiration and admiration for viewers all around the world.

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