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Mat Borders Overlays

Overlays by Nicole S. Young

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Discover an exclusive collection of 60 photo mat borders Overlays, designed to frame your masterpieces with elegance and style. This meticulously curated set includes 20 uniquely designed photo mat borders for each format - horizontal, vertical, and square, ensuring a total of 60 overlays. Available as PNG files, these versatile borders provide a seamless blend of style, allowing you to effortlessly elevate any photograph, no matter its orientation. Transform your photography with these meticulously designed overlays, tailored to enhance every frame.

Wat is inbegrepen

60 Overlays (Horizontal, Vertical, and Square formats) in PNG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

Maak foto's zoals deze

Met behulp van de meegeleverde RAW-bestanden oefent u gemakkelijk retoucheertips en leert u hoe u dergelijke foto's kunt maken.

© Nicole S. Young
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Mat Borders Overlays(41)>
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© Nicole S. Young
Mat Borders Overlays(42)
Mat Borders Overlays(43)>
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© Nicole S. Young
Mat Borders Overlays(44)
Mat Borders Overlays(45)>
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© Nicole S. Young
Mat Borders Overlays(46)
Mat Borders Overlays(47)>
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© Nicole S. Young
Mat Borders Overlays(48)
Mat Borders Overlays(49)>
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© Nicole S. Young
Mat Borders Overlays(50)
Mat Borders Overlays(51)>
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© Nicole S. Young
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Nicole S. Young

Photographer & Educator

Nicole S. Young's love affair with the camera began during her high school years, where she immersed herself in the world of photography by working at a photo lab and photo studio.

After graduating, she dedicated 8.5 years to serving in the US Navy, and then rekindled her passion in the realm of digital photography, swiftly transitioning to carve out a niche for herself in stock photography.

Beyond her ability to create beautiful images, Nicole is a published author, with her educational books are reaching photography enthusiasts worldwide in multiple languages. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and experience, she has established an online business, offering courses and books to budding photographers and crafting essential tools such as presets, textures, and overlays.

Today, she draws inspiration from the serene beauty of the Oregon countryside, a place she calls home.

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