Justin Lim

One of Hong Kong's most accomplished lifestyle photographers, Justin Lim's photographic journey began in England as a teenager in 1999. After a stint in the legal industry, he returned to Hong Kong, the country of his birth, where he founded The Kandid, his bespoke studio, and social media consultancy business. Justin has been featured on social media as early as the Flickr era, going on to become a Suggested User on IG as well as a guest editor on 500px. His passion for photography has seen him canvas the world seeking lifestyle moments and beautiful portraiture. He has worked for some of the world's most famous brands as both their photographer and their influencer and has dedicated his life to learning more about culture and people through his own travels.

I love the latitude and flexibility Luminar allows me. I know photos have to be just right to carry weight on social media and beyond — Luminar creates stunning atmospheres and moods, whether I'm shooting with a small camera or a giant DSLR.

Justin Lim | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)