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It’s been over a century since color photography was invented, but we’ve hardly forgotten the black and white image! A black and white photo can come in a variety of flavours: sophisticated, grunge, vintage, dreamy — you name it! And with Luminar’s presets and filters you have the tools to convert any picture, be it color or sepia, into your ideal black and white format.


A great black and white photo offers a mood or highlights form. And each preset category in Luminar offers a
black and white photo mood to choose from. Simply click the circle preset icon at the far bottom right and
browse through the image categories! You can even fine-tune your image afterwards using the filter bars.

Clean and Classic B&W

In the “Basic” category you’ll find the “Classic B&W” effect, which pulls down saturation, yet retains detail and skin-tone texture in your image.

This is an even starting point for any black and white picture. Whereas if you want increased contrast with soft, yet dramatic highlights — a look for glowing skin — you’ll want to try “B&W Fashion Magazine” in the “Portrait” category. Or maybe you’re looking for an image with more of a vintage quality that still retains high detail (think Ansel Adams!) For that try “Silver Crystals” in the “Travel” section!

Edgy or Ethereal

If you want to make your black and white photo editing even more specific, try “Film Noir” under “Dramatic” for some moody intensity!

Or if you love that old photojournalism from the 60s, try “60s B&W” under “Street” and check out the adjustable grain. Or, go in the opposite direction — try an ethereal, soft image like “Landscape Soft B&W,” which pulls down the clarity for a dreamy overall effect. Perfect for those foggy nature pictures!

Luminar 2018

Create perfect photos in less time.

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The world’s first photo editor
that adapts to the way you edit photos

Luminar advantage

Luminar makes your photos more beautiful, vivid and sharp. It is the next generation photo software that is adapts to your skill level and photography style.

Resize Image

Luminar is the powerful photo software that makes it easy to resize your images. You’ll change size of a picture in less than a minute without losing the quality.

Color splash

The Color Splash technique allows you to create dramatic photos with selective colors. Turn your photo into grayscale, and keep the color of certain objects.

Crop Photo

Want to crop your photo? Luminar for Mac brings the best tool to crop your images. Use custom crop modes and pick the ratio you need to get necessary results.

Luminar 2018

Create perfect photos in less time.

Luminar 2018

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