Marvin Grey

As early as a year into his career, Marvin has already hoisted multiple accolades in prestigious international competitions such as the MIFA and the IPA since pursuing photography in 2018. Hailing from Batangas, a province in the south of Luzon, Philippines, his love for landscape, architecture and fine art grew as he started weaving photography into his travels. Also a print media enthusiast, his work has recently been exhibited and with his experience as a rising artist, he has been invited to various photography events as a speaker. He takes inspiration from pop culture and combines it with minimalism to create enthralling photographs.

Since incorporating my workflow with Luminar, I have saved a huge amount of time and effort in post-processing. I love how intuitive the AI is while working on complicated images. It's very easy to use sliders in creating depth and adjusting tones to my liking. With Luminar, I can work with Layers in creating masks targeting certain parts of the photo while having its own filters. Its a start-to-end solution in post-processing that requires minimum effort to achieve maximum results.

Marvin Grey | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)