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Whether you’re on a tropical surf trip or snowboarding in the mountains, this pack is made for all your adventures. Chris Rogers has developed these 20 unique Presets specifically for GoPro images. Try them now!


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Chris Rogers

Action Sports Filmmaker & YouTuber

Chris Rogers is a travel and action sports filmmaker and YouTuber. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he spends half of the year traveling around the world, documenting his adventures mostly with a GoPro action camera and collaborating with some of the best extreme sports athletes on the planet.

Whether he's surfing remote islands in Indonesia, free diving with sharks in the Caribbean, or snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, Chris finds unique and innovative ways to capture these activities in a manner you've never seen before.

He documents all of these adventures and shares them with his audience online, creating an immersive experience that makes viewers feel like they were actually there.

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