Luminar 3.2.0


  • CR3 RAW Support

    We added Raw file support for the latest Canon cameras. If you’re a Canon shooter, Luminar 3 now works perfectly with both CR2 and CR3 file. Enjoy!

  • Faster Looks Preview

    Thanks to our Luminar Artists who help us fine-tune performance working with Looks is now much faster. Give the Looks a try on your next photo today!

Luminar 3 future versions


  • IPTC Basic editing

    Soon, you’ll be able to edit core IPTC info and sync these presets across multiple images.

  • Search tool for image text fields

    This improvement will let you find your images with the help of IPTC fields and file names.

  • New camera profiles

    We’re adding more camera profiles to define the color rendition of multiple camera models.

  • New lens profiles

    We’ll soon be implementing profiles for different lenses, which will enable you to fix distortions specific to your lens.

Luminar 4.3.0


  • NEW Search tool

    Located in the top menu bar, Luminar’s Search tool allows you to effortlessly find images in your library and accelerates your editing workflow. Quickly and easily find images by name, folder, date, or extension for straightforward library management.

  • Performance improvements

    Raw files now open faster, and all tools including AI Augmented Sky have been greatly optimized to work twice as fast — or three times as fast in the case of Accent AI. As a result of decreased memory use, sliders are more responsive, with less lag when using multiple tools. *

    * Note: Speed improvements depend on the computer hardware.

  • 500px integration

    Share photos to the global 500px online photo sharing platform directly from the Export menu. Add a title, description, location, and keywords, select a privacy level and category, and mark NSFW content. Windows users can also manage EXIF data prior to uploading.

  • AI Augmented Sky improvements

    Give a cosmic feel to your photographs with the new Space Shuttle 1 object. Easily flip sky objects and position them.

  • Instant Looks previews

    Just hover your mouse over a Look to see a live preview. You can also quickly return a photo to its previous state with the new Reset Adjustments button.

  • Other improvements in Luminar 4.3

    - Optimized Crop & Rotate workflow and faster access to this tool

    - Comfortable access to folders with custom skies in AI Sky Replacement and sky objects in AI Augmented Sky

    - Optimized masking tool workflow for pleasant and fast editing

    - Support for more cameras

    - Improved translations for all supported languages

    - Better Magic Mouse workflow for Mac users

    - More convenient and pleasant Local Brush history for Windows users

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...