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January 13

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Aperture is a good software but someday you might need something more functional and powerful in editing sense. For such occasion, we made a list of Aperture alternatives.

Aperture Photo Editor Alternatives 

In some period of your artistic life, you will need a good photo organizer on iOS to sort, group and edit your pictures. Aperture is a good software for these tasks, it allows you to make slideshows, prepare images for printing. The program has a non-destructive editing mode which minimizes image compression during the editing. Aperture helps you to organize pictures by keywords, places, and faces - the program uses faces recognition technology and GPS metadata, embedded in image files. 

If you work exceptionally with RAW files, Aperture also will come in handy, it supports different image formats, including PSD, PNG and TIFF files. Aperture is a good software but someday you might need something more functional and powerful in editing sense. For such occasion, we made a list of Aperture alternatives. 

1. Apple Photos 

Aperture Photo Editor Alternatives

Apple Photos has almost the same set of tools as the Aperture. With this program, you can add filters, crop, rotate and resize pictures. But Apple Photos has one important and useful feature which Aperture doesn’t provide, it is a connection with iCloud. Apple Photos makes possible your pictures editing on any Apple device thank to iCloud storing. The workspace is a bit complicated and can make you feel frustrated because you are not able to do all your work in one window and seeing your progress in one screen. Supports by all iOS and macOS devices.

Apple Aperture Alternative for Mac and Windows 10

2. Luminar 4

Apple Aperture Alternative Image1

Luminar 4 is closer to a photo editor than an image management program. The software will please you with a large tool kit. Work with contrast and exposure, lights and shadows, temperature, sharpness and clarity - you can set almost every option of your picture. Luminar 4 supports multiple layers editing and a Creative Mode which include AI Sky Replacement, Film Grain, Texture Overlay and many other useful features. 

  • AI Sky Replacement is a part of Intelligent editing. Technology will come in handy to every photographer who works open air, with landscape, nature or street photography. AI Sky Replacement gives a possibility to make a perfect sky on your pictures, to align the color, tone, contrast, and light. Also, Luminar 4 provides AI Intelligent photo editing technology which makes processing automatic and simple. 
  • Sunrays feature allows you to add the sun and its rays into an image, all the while customizing every aspect of it: length and number of sunrays, penetration, sun radius and sun warmth.
  • Auto color enhancement.
  • and much more

What makes it particularly unique though, is that the Sunrays filter senses the dark and light parts of your photo and adjusts accordingly, placing the sun behind objects and allowing the rays to shine out around them.

3. CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite

Aperture Photo Editor Alternatives

Organize and edit your pictures with a CyberLink PhotoDirector. This is an advanced photo manager that includes advanced processing tools. With a CyberLink you can work with different image formats: from JPG and PNG to TIFF, RAW, and GIF. You can work on multiple layers and import image-sequences. The software will make you glad about artificial intelligence-based tricks, like tethered shooting, soft proofing, template packs, and a new calendar view. Thanks to AI technology, editing will become simple and automatic, the program will do most of the routine work for you. 

PhotoDirector includes 25GB of space on the CyberLink Cloud so you can store, access, and work on your images from anywhere you wish. If you often have a lot of pictures to edit, use built-in presets, which will add HDR, Black & White or Split Tone Effects in one click. You can create your own presets, which also helps to save time during work with a large number of photos. With PhotoDirector, you can duplicate, or move objects or people within photos, which helps you to make a good photo-montage. 

4. Capture One

Aperture Photo Editor Alternatives

You will be satisfied by Capture One editing potential. The software allows you to set different options on your pictures. You can switch contrast, lights, shadows, and exposure. It is easy to add some warm or cold tones, to increase exposure or add filters to get an artistic effect. But Capture One is not without limitations. The program has a lack of cloud storage. The interface of Capture One can be complicated for novices in photo-editing. Workspace organized in such a way that it is often hard to find the right tool that you need. 

5. Aurora HDR

Aperture Photo Editor Alternatives

Do you like the HDR effect on your pictures? Then you will also like an Aurora HDR Editor. The program is created to work predominantly with the HDR effect in different variations. Version 2021 introduces a new Looks feature, previously called presets, with additional aesthetic choices and refined toning. The app’s controls and sliders give you complete visual power over your picture. Aurora comes with eight Looks collections: Essential, Landscape, Architecture, Dramatic and Artistic.

With the new Adjustable Gradient filter, which sports additional highlight and shadow sliders, you can apply distinct adjustments to the top and bottom of an image or anywhere you apply the gradient.

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