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Ajoutez un peu de puissance et de couleurs vives à vos images grâce à ce pack de 25 couchers de soleils colorés et flamboyants. Disponibles en haute qualité au format TIFF avec une résolution jusqu'à 8K, ces ciels par Javier Pardina viendront parfaitement compléter des scènes peu éclairées et rendre vos clichés exceptionnels.

Was ist dabei

25 skies in TIFF format.


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

Mach Fotos wie dieses

Mit den mitgelieferten RAW-Dateien kannst du ganz einfach Retusche-Tipps ausprobieren und lernen, wie man solche Fotos macht.

© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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Skies included in the pack

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Javier Pardina

Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

Based in Lleida, Catalonia, Javier Pardina is a photographer and multimedia artist whose commercial work sees him shooting for advertising agencies, stock platforms, corporate brands, and creative agencies. Javier focused his university studies on photography, video, and graphic/3D design. Since 2004, he hasn’t stopped improving and learning all these subjects. In 2005, he created, using his surname as the name of his brand. Javier’s creative work was initially related to music. You can find Javier’s work on albums by some of the most talented musicians in Europe, including Thomas Lemmer and Cristopher Goze.

Years later, Javier decided to specialize in abstract photography, which he used to develop wallpapers for apps and operating systems including Firefox OS and iOS. In 2013, Javier signed with Mozilla to work on the Firefox OS project. In 2015, Javier started working with Stocksy along with offset and Shutterstock Custom, and currently Javier is working on the KAIOS project. To date, Javier has contributed 10,000+ pictures across different stock agencies, and he is heavily focused in the advertising and commercial world, using and merging video, photography, and 3D art forms. He’s worked on multiple ad campaigns both within Spain and internationally. Improving every day and working with passion, is a synonym for work, dedication, and trust.

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