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Strahlendes Sonnenlicht

Himmel by Maciej Gralek



Explore this collection of Skies by Maciej Gralek that are perfect for the radiance of the golden hour. Give your photos warmth and softness with 25 high-quality JPEG Skies that are perfect for transforming a plain photo into an extraordinary one. Serene, gloomy, expressive, and filled with color — you’re bound to find a Sky you like in this collection.

Was ist dabei

25 Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO

Mach Fotos wie dieses

Mit den mitgelieferten RAW-Dateien kannst du ganz einfach Retusche-Tipps ausprobieren und lernen, wie man solche Fotos macht.

© aaron-staes
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(39)
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(40)>
Vorher Danach
© bryan-rodriguez
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(41)
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(42)>
Vorher Danach
© intricate-explorer
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(43)
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(44)>
Vorher Danach
© michael-benz
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(45)
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(46)>
Vorher Danach
© sasha-rubaniuk
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(47)
Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(48)>
Vorher Danach

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Maciej Gralek

Interiors and architecture PHOTOGRAPHER.

Maciej specializes in interiors, architecture, and portraiture photography. He has photographed 2000+ beautiful houses and apartments in the Stavanger area since he moved to Norway in 2014.

'I feel equally comfortable and excited in the studio as on location. It was always my goal to shoot the final image in the camera, however, having a solid background in retouching and compositing allows me to execute complicated projects with multiple lights and combine many images into a final picture.'

Strahlendes Sonnenlicht(88)