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Perfekte Watte-Wolken

Himmel by Mathew Browne



Do the serene light blue skies in your photos seem a bit boring? Make your photos stand out with 25 high-quality skies adorned with perfectly fluffy clouds.  Big and small, white and grey — you’ll certainly find white fluffy clouds you love in this pack of perfect skies, available in both JPEG and TIFF formats.

Was ist dabei

25 high-quality skies in JPEG and TIFF formats.


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

Mach Fotos wie dieses

Mit den mitgelieferten RAW-Dateien kannst du ganz einfach Retusche-Tipps ausprobieren und lernen, wie man solche Fotos macht.

© Cuma Cevik
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(39)
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(40)>
Vorher Danach
© Mathew Browne
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Perfekte Watte-Wolken(42)>
Vorher Danach
© Mathew Browne
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(43)
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(44)>
Vorher Danach
© Mathew Browne
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(45)
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(46)>
Vorher Danach
© Mathew Browne
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(47)
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(48)>
Vorher Danach
© Mathew Browne
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(49)
Perfekte Watte-Wolken(50)>
Vorher Danach

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Entwickelt von

Mathew Browne

Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

Mathew Browne is a cross-genre photographer who has gained recognition for his vibrant images spanning the spectrum of travel photography. A prolific traveler, Mathew has visited nearly 70 countries and photographs extensively for the photo location sharing platform PhotoHound, which he co-founded in 2018. 

These Looks serve as the foundation for much of his wildlife portfolio, often allowing him to achieve his desired result with just one click.

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