Manish Lakhani

Manish is a versatile photographer with a history of creating brilliant images of culture, heritage, and landscapes. For several years, he has been photographing the cultural heritage of India and Asia, including the shepherds of the Himalayan Highlands, native peoples of Northeast India and Western India, and the rich traditions of Kerala. Manish is renowned for his unique portrayal of remote cultures across India. His prowess in landscape and nature photography has been achieved through years of traveling across India and Asia. His portfolio is admirable and diverse, including star-studded mountain skies, snow-filled trans-Himalayas, exotic festivals, and nomadic cultures.

Luminar is fast and lightweight. The AI filters make for quick image processing. Every filter I can adjust based on my needs, which means more options. I can create layers based on my needs and blending modes. The interface is simple and easy to use, and personalized workspaces mean an easy way to manage my workflow for post-processing.

Manish Lakhani | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)