Nancy Da Campo

Nancy Da Campo is a freelance architecture and interiors photographer born in Milan, Italy, and currently traveling extensively to discover and capture the beauty of the built environment. Perspectives and the use of lines are two central pillars of her content and she is always looking for new and interesting angles to show her interpretation of a certain building through her camera or drone lens. She regularly works with architectural and cultural institutions, tech brands and tourism boards.

What I really like about Luminar is that I can perform all my editing and retouching workflow staying on the same software as it has a non-destructive editing process, a slider-based set of tools and even supports layers. Plus it’s really impressive what you can do in a couple of clicks thanks to the AI editing functions. The AI Sky Replacement tool is such a game-changer, now I don’t need to worry too much if I shoot on a gloomy day.

Nancy Da Campo | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)