Trey Ratcliff

One of the world's most popular photographers, Trey Ratcliff's images have been viewed online more than 115 billion times. And his personal blog is the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the Internet. Trey is also a co-creator of Aurora HDR and works closely with the Skylum Team to further develop the software. Trey’s images and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of the bizarre situations he often finds himself in. Trey grew up blind in one eye, which changed the way he has come to experience and visually map the world.

Few years ago I partnered with the amazing team at Skylum to develop an entirely new HDR software tool called Aurora HDR Pro. In 2017 we won Apple’s App of the year, and that was very unexpected and exciting. And we keep on working, putting our heads together to come up with better tools for photographers.

Trey Ratcliff | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)