Luminar NEO: How To Use Studio Light Tool

11 min. to read

​One should consider the role of illumination in photography art. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, lighting can transform your creation into a masterpiece if you know how to use it right and ruin hours of work if you don't. The easiest way to make light your helper when taking pictures is to keep it under your control within the studio conditions.
How to Set Up Basic Three-Point Lighting Like In The Studio

11 min. to read

In the world of photography, lighting plays a magical role. It's the brush that paints your pictures, turning ordinary moments into captivating stories. To unlock this magic, you need to understand the art of three light setup photography, a technique that can take your photos to the next level.
How To Erase Unwanted Objects From Your Photos

12 min. to read

Have you ever taken a picture and thought it was perfect, only to later spot something you wish wasn't there? Maybe an empty soda can or someone you don't know in the background?
How To Improve The Quality Of A Picture: 5 Simple Ways

15 min. to read

We've all been there—you capture a moment that looks perfect through the lens, only to later realize that the photo lacks clarity, the colors are off, or it's just not as sharp as you'd like it to be.
Luminar NEO: How To Use The Enhance AI Tool

11 min. to read

Both amateur and professional photographers meticulously compose their frames, adjust settings, and post-process their images to bring out the beauty and emotion hidden within. The primary question they ask themselves at the beginning of the exciting photography path is how to raise the quality of the image. Or, in more sophisticated words, how to enhance pictures.
Macro Photography Ideas: 7 Great Inspirations for Stunning Shots

18 min. to read

Macro photography is one of the most interesting and technically difficult types of photography.
How to Crop an Image Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

11 min. to read

You would be surprised how easily you can make your photo pop using a simple crop.
How to Make a Picture Large: Effective Techniques for Image Enlargement

16 min. to read

How to make a small picture bigger? Enlarging your image may look simple, but you need to keep in mind all technical aspects.

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