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Don’t wait for your dreams. Start creating amazing landscapes today.

Landscape Photography in Depth

An extensive video course on landscape photography by Daniel Kordan.

Immerse into the full workflow: from
on-location capture to post-processing techniques in Luminar.

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Main outcomes


Landscape Photography in Depth(2)

Immerse into the full workflow: from
on-location capture to post-processing techniques in Luminar.


Landscape Photography in Depth(3)

Download the images and follow along Daniel’s tutorials to create your masterpieces.


Landscape Photography in Depth(4)

An easy to follow landscape retouching course with techniques that will transform your photos.

Landscape Photography in Depth(5)

About Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan started his love affair with both nature and photography at an early age. Startying as a hobbyist, he went on to become a professional photographer and guide for shooting landscapes out in the wild. His landscape photography inspires thousands on social media, and his work’s been widely published in top-tier media. When he’s not shooting for clients such as Apple and Redbull, Daniel’s out guiding photography groups from all over the world, helping them discover their own unique inspiration in nature.

You’ve definitely seen his work before and admired his landscape photography in National Geographic, Discovery, and Photography Week. Now learn how he does it - in real-time.

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Get photos like these

Using the provided RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

What you'll learn?

The course includes 19 comprehensive video tutorials that will help you
master photo capturing and editing step by step. They include:

Introduction Bio

Meet Daniel Kordan, professional landscape photographer and your teacher in this course.

My Workflow

Daniel talks about his editing workflow including storing, selection, and post-processing techniques.

Planning Location Scouting

Planning future trips plays a huge role in the success of landscape photographers. Find out how to scout for locations the smart way!

Understanding Light

Light is essential in creating perfect photos. Understand different types of light: Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunrise and Sunset and how they affect your shots.

Bad Weather Conditions

Learn how to shoot in challenging weather or high contrast conditions (rain, ice, snow, water).

Histogram Camera Settings

Master the camera’s histogram settings to understand if your images are correct right on the shooting spot.

Shooting into the Sun

Find out how to deal with sun flare and shooting against the sun to create wonderful photos.


Bring out the best in your photo with these filters in Luminar: Adjustment gradient, Light, AI Enhance, AI Structure, Landscape Enhancer and more.

Cape Kiwanda

Follow Daniel as he shares the secrets of capturing the best photos on the beautiful coastal location of Cape Kiwanda, Oregon. Then learn how to edit these photos in Luminar.

Ruby Beach

Daniel exposes the tips of capturing tricky shots on the beautiful Ruby Beach, Washington, and then post-processing them in Luminar.

Ramona Falls

Take a look backstage on how to take photos of a waterfall on Ramona Falls, Oregon. And then use Luminar to get a dark, dramatic look in your waterfall photo.

Crater Lake

Daniel shoots the Crater Lake in Oregon’s National Park on top of a snowy mountain, and then shows you a perfect editing workflow in Luminar.

Smith Rock

Oregon State’s Park shooting spot facing Smith Rock makes for excellent landscape photos. Daniel guides you on how to achieve the best front this shoot in Luminar.

Magic Island

Daniel teaches you how to take beautiful brackets on Magic Island, Oregon Coast, and how to process HDR panoramas in Luminar.

Image Critique

Daniel reviews a series of landscape photos and highlights imperfections to help photographers grow. Find out if you also have weak spots in your photos and how to correct them.

Social Media

Learn the tips of sharing your photos and gaining followers on social media platforms.

Business Photography

All about business. Learn how to start selling your images and start making money with your photography.

Full-time vs Part-time Photographer

Comparison of full time and part-time landscape photographer’s lifestyles.

Tips on Style

Develop your own style by following Daniel’s tips.

Landscape Photography in Depth(14)

USD 300 USD 99

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Landscape Photography in Depth(24)