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Precise Image Recolor

Improve the overall look and feel of a photo. You can adjust the colors to make them more vibrant, pleasing, or to match a specific style or mood you want to convey

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How to Recolor Images: Unlocking This Feature

You can easily use Luminar Neo’s Color Tool and masking to recolor your images in a new way.

Why Recolor Photos? What Makes Our Feature the Top Choice for Users?

Luminar Neo’s Color Tool is a valuable way to control the intensity of colors in a photo.

This photo recolor tool has plenty of controls such as Hues, Saturation, Vibrance, Luminance that help you precisely recolor a photo.
© Dmytro Flisak
© Depositphotos

Mastering The Use of Image Recolorer For Stunning Results

In the Color Tool in Luminar Neo you’ll find such controls to recolor pictures:


This slider adjusts the intensity of all colors in your photo.


This slider adjusts only the intensity of muted colors, ignoring well-saturated colors. It’s helpful in achieving fine control when adjusting color.

Remove Color Cast

This slider automatically removes undesirable color casts in your images by detecting and adjusting the hue.


In this drop-down menu, you can toggle between adjusting the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance when adjusting the sliders below.
© Lisa

The Power of Recolor Tool: Enhance Your Visual Content With Ease

Create a unique visual effect, experiment with color schemes, produce abstract art, or draw attention to a particular object or element in a photo by changing its color. The possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to recolor an image with Luminar Neo?

To recolor an image in Luminar Neo, simply access the Color Tool in the Essential Tools tab and use the tools you find there to tweak the colors of your photo as desired. You can use masking to apply the colors selectively to part of the image.

Can I reverse the picture recoloring?

Luminar Neo allows you to undo any changes, including recoloring a photo. 

Can I use precise image recoloring on any type of image?

Sure! There are no limits to the types of images you can recolor, considering Luminar Neo supports the type file.