Oleg Rest

Oleg Rest is a traveler and professional landscape photographer who dreamed of travelling since early childhood. Oleg first held a camera in his hands at age six, when his parents rented a Zenit film camera during their holidays on the Black Sea coast. Now Oleg shoots with a modern camera, but nature and photography still inspire him the most. He’s been to such amazing places as Patagonia, Norway, Iceland, Tuscany, Russia, Slovenia, China, Moravia, the Alps, the Lofotens, Myanmar, and Switzerland, and shares his impressions with the photography community all over the world.

Besides traveling around the world, I spend a lot of time in search of a good location, hiking, driving, and flying. That means I don’t have much time for long and complicated editing. On top of that, I think that for an originally good photo you don’t need a lot of editing. These are the reasons why I love to use Luminar. The easy and comfortable interface, all the necessary functions for a landscape photographer, and all the different filters make editing with Luminar fast and enjoyable. With Luminar, I’m able to edit photos during my workshops knowing that I’ll get a brilliant result.

Oleg Rest | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)