Raffaele Cabras

Raffaele Cabras is an award-winning landscape and drone photographer with more than 12 years of experience. His love for nature is obvious, as he grow up between the amazing Sardinian coast and the beautiful Swiss mountains. He started as a Computer Engineer specialized in Multimedia Forensics and Image Processing, but quickly found in photography his main passion and life-changing activity! He's currently based in Switzerland, where he also founded the Swiss School of Photography. Raffaele's love for photography brought him to travel extensively around the globe, so now he is leading the Photography Tours in Europe’s most beautiful locations.

Luminar has been a game-changer in my post-processing workflow and teaching approach. First of all, I could incredibly reduce the amount of time spent processing a photo, from hours to minutes. Time-consuming tasks like creating precise sky selections for local adjustments are now as easy as just moving a slider of the AI Sky Enhancer, and complex curves and histogram adjustments are now a simple swipe of the Accent AI Filter. Secondly, Luminar has so many filters to make colors and details pop in my photos! And it has never been so easy!

Raffaele Cabras | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)