Luminar 3.2.0


  • CR3 RAW Support

    We added Raw file support for the latest Canon cameras. If you’re a Canon shooter, Luminar 3 now works perfectly with both CR2 and CR3 file. Enjoy!

  • Faster Looks Preview

    Thanks to our Luminar Artists who help us fine-tune performance working with Looks is now much faster. Give the Looks a try on your next photo today!

Futuras versiones de Luminar 3


  • Edición Básica IPTC

    Pronto, podrás editar información IPTC y sincronizar los preserts en múltiples imágenes.

  • Herramienta de búsqueda para campos de texto de imágenes

    Esta mejora te permitirá encontrar tus imágenes con la ayuda de los campos de IPTC y nombres de archivo.

  • Nuevos perfiles de cámara

    Agregaremos más perfiles de cámara para definir la reproducción del color de varios modelos de cámara.

  • Nuevos perfiles de cámara

    Pronto implementaremos perfiles para diferentes lentes, los cuales te permitirán corregir distorciones específicas de tus lentes.

Luminar 4.2.0


  • NEW AI Augmented Sky

    Inside the Creative tab of Luminar 4.2, you’ll find a new tool called AI Augmented Sky. This tool lets artists choose objects from the curated Luminar collection or upload their own, and blend them seamlessly with the photograph's sky.

  • Breakthrough Improvements to Portrait Tools

    With today’s update, we’re introducing a new Face Features Detection Network, which enables us to give you even more accurate and realistic automation when it comes to enhancing portraits.

    In the AI Skin Enhancement tool, you'll find a new Shine Removal Technology. It lets you reduce shine on a person’s forehead or cheeks, making for a more evenly-lit portrait.

    AI Portrait Enhancer has also received improved slimming capabilities through its Slim Face 2.0 Technology. Prior to today’s update, Slim Face only worked with the lower portion of a person’s face, sometimes making for unrealistic results.

    We’re constantly improving one of our Luminar artists’ most-loved features — AI Sky Replacement. Relight Scene technology improvement lets you retain colors as you originally captured them in-camera.

    You’ll also see increased efficiency and speed of interaction with your machine’s processor, due to improvements we’ve made to the ML Cache system.

  • Finally, Windows users will also see three additional updates:
    • Preview Preset Multithreading - For multi-core systems, generation of previews received a boost, making for faster and more comfortable viewing and usage.
    • Third-party Plugin Implementation - Popular plugins can now be used. At this time, plugins for the Aurora HDR, DxO Nik Collection family, as well as the Topaz plugins collection, are supported.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...