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Earth & Skies Bundle

Paquetes by Armand Sarlangue

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Get 12 incredible Presets for landscapes and 10 creative Skies in one incredible bundle by Armand Sarlangue. This bundle includes the Landscapes Between Earth & Sky Presets that can help you create fantastic landscapes, and the Creative Skies with a variety of orange and pink for photos taken at any time of day. Use both of these collections that channel Armand’s unique creative editing style to enhance photos and create wonderful landscapes that you’ll love. Experiment by adding a variety of effects and see which ones you love more!

Qué incluye

Landscapes Between Earth & Sky Presets, Creative Skies by Armand Sarlangue


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Skies included in the pack

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Armand Sarlangue

Photographer. Skylum Ambassador.

Armand Sarlangue has been a professional photographer for 14 years. The son of a photographer, visual art has been Armand’s true passion since childhood, and it’s through nature photography that he really expresses his creativity.

Being alone in the most remote places and translating the feelings of those moments through his images is what motivates Armand. He uses advanced post-production techniques to create ambiances that match his vision of our world.

Armand’s landscape images have been internationally awarded and exhibited in the USA, Spain, Italy, and France. His work has also been published by National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Australian Photography magazine, BBC News, and many other publications.

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