December 07 2017

Apple names Aurora HDR the 2017 Best App for Mac

The #1 HDR photo editor becomes the Best of 2017 on Apple App Store.

San Diego, CA — Today Apple unveiled its charts and trends, celebrating the most popular apps of 2017, and named Aurora HDR 2018 as the Best Mac App of 2017. To celebrate this milestone and help even more people get access to this great photography tool, Aurora HDR 2018 is now available for $79 for new users and $39 for current Aurora HDR at

“When you have a goal, you have to live, dream and breathe this goal 24/7! With Aurora HDR we set out to bring photographers the best software for high dynamic range (HDR) image editing. The ‘Best of the Year’ recognition by Apple has hit us by surprise, but has showed that we are moving in the right direction. This is a big honor for all of the team. We’ll continue to work hard to achieve our big goal - to make Aurora HDR the standard of HDR image editing for all photographers, without any compromises." - says Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum/Macphun.

Aurora HDR, co-developed with the renowned HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff, has become the industry standard for HDR photo editing. In fact, more than 3 million users have downloaded it since its launch in November 2015. In 2 years over 115 million photos have been edited in Aurora HDR and it became the primary HDR photo editor for millions of users worldwide.

Aurora HDR proves that HDR photography is about unleashing all the details the human eye can see, or even more, with every photo. The goal is to recreate and reflect the best aspects of the original scene. HDR photos can be anything from stunningly accurate reproductions of what our eyes see, to mind-blowing, surreal works of art that transform reality into fantasy.

Aurora HDR brings countless options to create perfect HDR images that are as natural as possible, or unleash a true creative image by going deeper with intelligent filters. Aurora HDR is a powerful all-in-one HDR editor that appeals to demanding professionals and aspiring hobbyists alike.

The 2018 version of Aurora HDR introduces next-generation tone mapping for richer details and a new RAW handling engine which results in improved color accuracy. Aurora HDR creates very realistic HDR images from the start and makes it easier to achieve great results with further editing in less time. Aurora HDR 2018 is designed to be quick, efficient and flexible to allow photographers spend less time on editing workflow and more time behind the camera.

For HDR fans looking for the ultimate in finesse, power and control, Aurora HDR 2018 is the perfect choice. Aurora HDR 2018 is also available for Windows. For more details, please visit:   

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Apple names Aurora HDR the 2017 Best App for Mac

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