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At Skylum, we've built a community of photography professionals, enthusiasts, and even those just getting into the world of photography. Write for us if you're passionate about sharing your expertise and experiences with a global audience of fellow photographers.

Here, your insights don’t just exist on a page; they resonate with a community that deeply cares about photography!

What Should You Write About?

Being a photo editing software company, we're keen on subjects that probe the essence of photography. We're interested in unique techniques enhancing images and the intricate details of photographic technology and editing.

We're also curious about your personal experiences. Found any underrated shooting locations? Encountered specific challenges known only within the photography circle? We'd like to hear about them.

We're looking for a variety of deep-dive topics on photography for our blog. Write for us and share your knowledge with a community eager to learn and engage!

Why Should You Write for Skylum?

Skylum is a major player in the photo editing software industry. By sharing your insights on our platform, you're not only connecting with a vast audience passionate about photography but also aligning yourself with a well-established brand.

In addition to the benefits of association and shared knowledge, contributing to Skylum offers tangible perks like software discounts. So, if there's a topic in photography that ignites your passion, remember: Skylum provides the perfect platform for your voice.

Guidelines to Follow if You Want to Write for Us

To ensure alignment with our editorial vision and maintain the quality our readers expect, kindly adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

First, Let's Get Acquainted

We encourage submissions from professional photographers, avid travelers with a keen interest in photography, retouchers, designers, and bloggers who specialize in writing about photography.

However, if you're genuinely passionate about photography and have something valuable to share with our audience, we'd love to hear from you, too!

On the Skylum page, we'll feature your author card. Therefore, along with your article, please be prepared to provide the following details:

  • your name;
  • a brief introduction;
  • links to your social media;
  • your personal photo.

Now, to the Content Recommendations

We value good content and trust you do too. Here are some specifics to help guide your submission:

  • Topic Relevance: We welcome articles that delve into the realms of photography and post-processing. Insights and experience with Luminar Neo are particularly valued, offering our readers practical tips and advanced know-how.

  • Research and Accuracy: We expect your articles to be well-researched. Any statistics mentioned should be backed by reliable sources, and if you're referencing authors, ensure they are appropriately credited. Prior to submission, articles should undergo thorough grammatical proofreading.

  • Clarity and Structure: We champion articles that are clear and engaging. Avoid diluting the content or incorporating overly intricate symbols. Maintain a keyword density capped at 3.5%. Ensure your text is structured with well-spaced paragraphs and uses appropriately formatted headlines and titles. The length of the article should be 1000-3000 words.

  • Unique Content: Fresh perspectives and originality are at the core of our publication. Your content should boast a uniqueness score of 90% or more. Please note: AI-generated content is not accepted. Furthermore, any piece submitted to Skylum's blog should be exclusive to our platform and must not be republished elsewhere.

  • Advertising: We kindly request you to refrain from embedding any form of promotional or advertising content or links within your article.

Final Touches

An impactful article typically incorporates photo references and hyperlinks to enhance its utility for readers. So, here are the requirements:

  • Number of Images: A primary, horizontal cover image is mandatory, along with a minimum of three additional images to accompany the article. Also, feel free to include before/after pictures to illustrate your point and show the transformation.

  • Copyright: It is recommended to use your personal copyrighted images. Although Stock and Google photos are generally discouraged, exceptions can be made. However, it is advisable to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

  • External References: Linking to renowned websites, especially those providing statistics or significant insights, is permissible. Also, one link pointing to your personal blog is allowed.

Well, now you've familiarized yourself with all the requirements. Still want to write an article for us? Great! Let's move on to the final step :)

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