Luminar Workspaces: Overview
Luminar Workspaces: Overview

Luminar Workspaces: Overview

Workspaces in Luminar allow you to group and quickly access only the necessary tools and filters for a given task. For example, if at some point you find using only a select number of filters for your outdoor photos, you can save this group of filters in a new workspace called, if you wish, "Outdoor." This will allow you to access this set of tools in an instant during your next editing session. You can also make a certain workspace your "Default" workspace - in this case Luminar will open the designated workspace upon every launch. The Skylum Team has created a set of built-in workspaces for your convenience, including Portrait, Landscape, Street and Black & White. If you have created a workspace, and want to share it with other Luminar users, you can easily export that workspace. To find the workspace file, simply launch Luminar and click on the File menu. Then click "Show workspace folder" and find the file with the workspace name. You can then share it with others. To import a new workspace, simply add it to the workspace folder. Click here to learn more about the Workspaces in Luminar.If you don’t have a photo editor for your Mac yet, please visit the Luminar page and download a free trial. Or you could get the full version of the software for an affordable price, with access to over 300 great tools and features. Luminar is the world’s first photo editor that adapts to your skill level. Have fun editing with Luminar by Skylum.

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