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How to Photograph a Wedding

April 26

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Wedding photography is extremely popular, that's why a lot of people order wedding photosessions.

Photographing a wedding may look easy but it isn’t. It asks for storytelling, capturing moments at the right time and turning them into memories. Plus, you also have to be in sync with everything. When people go through a wedding album, they want their story to be told using the lens. There is so much that can go wrong, and unlike a usual event, you do not get another chance to make it right, so you have to be very careful when shooting a wedding.

Weddings are loaded with visual details of interest in the form of both people and the decoration. So much time is spent in arranging a wedding and making it look flamboyant, not being able to save it in the form of a picture would be injustice.

Here are some of the tips on how to photograph a wedding:

Work With The Bride

You need to understand your bride well. See how she wishes to be photographed. Understand what angle works for her and what doesn’t. Since all brides are different, she must have something on her mind that you can hear and keep in mind on the day of the wedding.

A lot of thought and hard work is put into transforming a girl into a stupendous looking bride. From her hairstyle and makeup to her dress and jewelry, all the fine details must be captured by the photographer and it would be more interesting if a bit of creativity is added into the mix. For instance, capturing the bride as she holds onto different props and expresses different emotions is creative. These tiny exercises could make the photography experience more amazing.

Work With The Groom

Most men are actually very uneasy when somebody points a camera at them. You need to speak to the groom and make him feel comfortable. Again, see how he wishes to be photographed and keep it in mind when you are behind the lens.

The photographer should walk the groom carefully along the photography session and educate him on how to make his stance, how to pose, how to react etc.

Be Social

The guests are there not only to enjoy the wedding, but also to be photographed. You need to be friendly and make sure you photograph people the way they want to be. Do not be an intruder and disturb people while they are in the middle of a conversation etc.

Miss Nothing

So much is going at a wedding, you need to be on your toes at all hours to make sure you miss nothing. For example, that first kiss is not happening for a second time so make sure to lock it when it happens.

Be Prepared In Advance

Find a suitable space for all your equipment and come with a ring hand as you will need help of an expert to correct light etc. Ideally, reach the venue before the event so you can take care of lighting and background etc, and know how to click photos as the venue can make or break an album.

Apply More Effort

It costs nothing to take some additional photographs, so it would be an astute move to catch as much of what happens around. You can choose what to include into the collection at a later stage. However, don't neglect on giving the photos an expert touch by editing them. As far as an  photo editing software is concerned,  Luminar Neo is broadly used and is an effective software that makes your photos more wonderful.

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